September 30, 2012


"And all the books you've read have been read by other people. And all the songs you've loved have been heard by other people. And that girl that's pretty to you is pretty to other people, And you know that  if you looked at these facts when you were happy, you would feel great because you are describing 'unity'". 
-The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky

Friday night The Boyfriend and I watched Chbosky's screen adaptation of his amazing book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I voiced my concern this summer about HOW they were actually going to turn this book into a movie. There's too much emotion I said; there are some things words capture but are impossible to recreate in a visual scene...and of course, how will the film stay true to the meat of the story without being some cheeseball Hollywood misinterpretation?

But because Chbosky wrote the screenplay and directed the film, I said OK. If anyone can make this into a movie, it's the author himself. He will be the truest to his work...and he was. It was the best book-to-film version of this particular story that could have been made, I think. It wasn't anywhere near as powerful as the book, BUT it was definitely well done as far as the execution of everything that had to be conveyed.  

Something that really threw me was Chbosky's visual interpretation. How often have you read a book and then watched the movie, throwing up your hands afterwards like "UM HELLO that's not how I pictured it, thanks for scramblin' my brainpan!" It's really frustrating, this process of rearrangement in your mind to reconstruct some imagined world in someone else's terms. I came prepared for that, and as the lights dimmed and the film started rolling, I waited...and waited...

And waited. It never happened. Of course maybe small details were different because I'm not Stephen Chbosky and I didn't direct this movie and I wasn't there but WHAT?! HOW IN THE WORLD did he get inside my my head? Casting was spot on (another thing that gave me hope this summer), especially for Patrick's character. Ezra Miller was the Patrick I'd created in my mind, as completely outrageous and uninhibited as in Chbosky's book. Voice, mannerisms, speech, everything. Even Mary-Elizabeth and Alice were well-cast. The token misfit crew had as much chemistry onscreen as they did in the novel. 

And the settings. Charlie's house, the theater where they perform Rocky Horror, the school (I mean a school is pretty much a school, you can't really screw that up), the parties, down to the damn kitchen where Sam makes Charlie a milkshake. It all felt so natural, like my brain being projected back at me. 

The only thing that felt off, for me, was the hospital. The breakdown, the doctor; it all seemed very rushed at the end. I have to validate, though, that it's hard to make psychological breakdowns come across as powerful and emotionally jarring vs. cheesy "highschool dramatic". This part was probably what I was most curious about seeing, its execution. And for the film's budget, time constraint, (and again) complexity of how the novel was written vs. how the hell you adapt that for the screen, I think it accomplished it's goal. Maybe it wasn't as powerful for me because I already knew the story. But for first-time viewers of Chbosky's work, it could be a very different experience. The Boyfriend, who went in blind, weighed in that it's probably one of the better movies he's seen this year. Which surprised me because a) we both hate "highschool"-type movies (this, my rare exception) and b) I was already wrapped up in the story, the weight of the book, so I couldn't make an unbiased judgement of the film on its own...and I didn't think it was "his type" of movie. But then, I didn't think he'd like Moonrise Kingdom either, and I was sorely mistaken, haha. 

Overall I really enjoyed it. I'm still completely in awe that they pulled it off, and in a way that still stays true to the story, and just lighthearted enough to keep the audience from leaving the theater like they would after an Aronofsky film (and by that I mean wrist-slitting. His work is fantastic but so dark). Completely impressed. Go. Watch. Feel infinite. 

PS speaking of Aronofsky, Logan Lerman (Charlie) and Emma Watson (Sam) will ALSO be stinting in his production of Noah set to release early 2014. Crazytown, right?! (Not the casting, the "Aronofsky does a biblical story to screen adaptation" part...though we all know it's going to be terrifying/amazing).

September 28, 2012

top- thrifted / skirt- thrifted / tights- my grandma's / scarf- made by me / shoes- target / necklace you can't see - gift from  my sister
I officially dubbed this the "autumn" skirt because "floral/paisley" looks weird, and the print and color pallet basically scream HELLOIAMCHANGINGLEAVES. I thrifted this baby about two years ago, and it's been sitting...and sitting...and sitting, just waiting to be altered. It has an elastic back and no pockets, so all I had to do was take in the sides a bit to bring up the waist, and made it a little shorter. I might still take it up an inch or so, but either way I'm lovin' the newest member of my closet! Dreaming up so many fun fall/winter combos to wear with this thing! 

Oh, and don't mind the tripod shadow or cars in the background. Whatever. 

ANYWAY. I hope you're having an amazing day! I'm off to practice my skirt twirls and camera jumps. 

September 27, 2012

Drop the needle.

No Bits & Pieces post for this week my dears; instead I crafted quite possibly one of the dorkiest playlists ever. And by dorky I mean AWESOME. These songs spin more often than anything else on my record player. Look, I love the Beatles, and Lord knows I love me some Zeppelin, but like...sometimes this girl just needs some bubblegum ridiculous to get through the night. Many a dance party has ensued (family included) to the '70s sounds of the Osmonds and the Partridge Family.  And forget 'NSync, I went through my boyband phase with the Monkees and Hermans Hermits. No shame. Have a great Thursday, and stay tuned for a new Onetwothreerestyle post! 

PS You're welcome. Though, for the record, CCR is NEVER cheesy. Or sweet Janis. Only awesome.
OH! AND! Something you should know about: sign-up is still open for Kelly Zarb's international paperlove swap! (But it closes Sept. 29, so get on that). 

September 26, 2012

Five Things That Cheer Me Up On a Lame Day

1. Getting out of the house and exploring new places

2. A good chat with a faraway friend

3. My brother

4. Sitting in front of my sewing machine

5. Crocheting while watching Mad Men (or Downton Abbey/HIMYM/New Girl/Burn Notice/Modern Family/Will&Grace) ...basically any random episode of any show I'm a fan of

Don't forget to check out Cara's list this week! What turns your frown upside down when you're feeling bummy? 

September 25, 2012


tank- thrifted (Old Navy) / skirt- thrifted & altered by me / cardigan- target / shoes- target / necklace-thrifted
Today was really long and busy and all I want to do is sit in front of my sewing machine, but I'm waiting on some fabric, so sad day. Mad Men and crocheting? Probably. Mainly I just wanted an excuse to show off this amazing cardigan because I'm in love with it. 

Yep. Wasn't kidding. I picked up this beaut on a late night Target run with The Boyfriend. He was looking for 'slacks' that turned into denim khakis. They're a little too long so I have to take them up a bit and if they accidentally turn into skinnies in the process...whatever (;

PS doesn't that jumping picture look like I'm being carried away by a handful of balloons or something? That would be amazing right about now, haha. Also, I'm not actually glaring. That just kind of happens. It's my blank I should probably work on not looking like I'm going to shank someone and learn to "smile with my eyes" (didn't they used to say that on Next Top Model or something? I only saw two episodes. You tell me, because I obviously haven't mastered the skill either way). 

But hey it's almost Wednesday! And I don't really watch tv very often but did any of you guys catch some season premieres last night? I didn't, so I'm already behind, but Castle and 2 Broke Girls are on my list. 

September 22, 2012

Lights will guide you home.

Last night my brother and his friends (better known as Farewell Abigail) played my old highschool's talent show. Zach (piano, vocals) is the only one who actually attends the school, but my brother used to go there before opting to homeschool his senior year, so the entire band was kind of grandfathered in by default. ANYWAY the guys covered Coldplay's Fix You to close out the show and um, literal standing ovation. The crowd went crazy. I was so freaking amazed, proud, everything. With my brother on guitar and backup vocals and Sayer on the cajon, they

At the very end they all stood up dramatically, and everyone thought the show was over, and they had to quiet the audience down...and they stood and sang the very end of the song and I was basically crying. Ok not really, but my heart was exploding because HELLO big sister syndrome, it's my brother and his friends and they're so dang talented. 

Also, I'm not the best at taking dark auditorium photos with a lens as long as my forearm (serious)...probably clicked about 100 and these are the few that came outish. Except that last one. I had to share it. Dramatic ending that made my heart melt. Maybe you had to be there. It was amazing. 

September 20, 2012

Bits & Pieces

1. The new Polaroid z2300 is kind of amazing. Printable sticky prints? My heart melted...until I saw the price. But still, a girl can dream. 
2. So excited for the peoplewebs shop to open up again on Sept. 22nd! I can't wait to see the new designs Lindsi's been working on! 
1 / 2
3. Style crushin' on the lovely Tieka of Selective Potential. I mean. This girl's got it. 
4. Look, I don't know when I got so girly, but it's happening. I don't really wear makeup, like at all, ever. I'm happy with a set of tweezers and an eyelash curler (I'm not a complete jungle woman, ok) but lately I've found myself in the cosmetic aisle of wherever I happen to be...staring at lipstick. I can count the number of times I've worn it in my life on one hand (two of which were recent; read: when I tried wearing it to work). THAT SAID...I want to experiment and build my collection. Which currently consists of a dark red I wore to prom, and a neon pink the jury's still out on. Long ramble short, this post from Cotton & Curls is really cute. 
5. Leninka's product photos are amazing. I can't even. You can find the crochet triangle jabot here and the crochet collar jabot here
7. This is happening TOMORROW. I have been waiting impatiently for The Perks of Being a Wallflower to come out, and now it's almost here! Screenings are limited and there aren't any in my area so that's a bummer...looks like I'll be waiting a bit longer, but oh well. Still exciting. Edited to add: the movie website says that it'll be released in Houston on the 28th...where, I don't know, but I hope they're not kidding. 
8. Have you heard about The 100? Aside from being the coolest thing ever, the project is giving everyone who didn't get selected or just plain wants to be part of it a chance to join the partaaay! Grab a disposable; October 1-7 is go time! Click here for details. 

9. I mentioned this last week, but don't forget to check out Christine's fall playlist! She's added some new songs, and it just keeps getting better! 

September 19, 2012

Five Things I Love About Fall

I guess the weather knew what Cara and I had planned for this week. It's not a total season-switch just yet, but it's getting there, and I couldn' Houston's weird so you never actually know what the weather's going to be like on any given day, and it can flip in the course of an hour. So summer and fall and winter don't really ease on into each's more like, one day it's hot, the next day it's not. And then it's just kind of coldish. BUT I like to pretend there's a serious fall season because um, hello I already told you I love layering up in scarves and tights and cardigans. So, five things I love about "fall"...

1. FALL WARDROBE! Layering up in scarves and tights and cardigans, if you didn't catch it the first time. It's really important.  

2. Crocheting. I just get in that MOOD. Can't explain it. Well, maybe I can. Last fall I got really serious about crocheting, and that carried into the winter, so it's just the feel of the season for me now. Plus, you're much more excited to make a scarf or sweater when it's cooler because then you can wear it right away. Totally practical. 

3. Coffee! If I could still drink coffee. But the 'bux is already dishin out Pumpkin Spice lattes or whathaveyou, so you know it's that much closer to the holidays, and that just makes me feel cozy even if I can't enjoy their delicious beverages. There's nothing like a coffee shop study sesh with a warm cuppa Tazo tea. (I'm picturing mittened hands and a scarf around my neck right now. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself).

4. Planning for cold weather, and the holidays! I don't know about you, but I'm not a last minute shopper. I'm not much of a shopper at all actually...the past few years of gift exchanges have been extremely DIY (partly because I have no money, but mainly because I love making unique things for the beautifulcreativesouls in my life!). That said, I still like to plan ahead, and late September/early October is my brainstorm time...I might even start on a few gifts depending on how involved they are. Happy times indeed! And to think I used to hate the fall/winter season. Who am I?!

5. Ok, it's hard to come up with a number five because like I said before, there's no clear transition between seasons. Leaves don't turn all these beautiful hues you can enjoy for a few weeks...they just kind of die off in the cold and drop. If you live in Houston and have a different experience please tell me because I need to go where you are. The burbs aren't kind for fall-lovers. BUT, in all reality, the idea of fall is beautiful. A new season, a new chapter of life. That's definitely worth something. 

What're some things YOU love about fall? 

September 18, 2012

Introducing a new series!

So I've been toying with this idea for months now, and what better time to launch a sewing series than National Sewing month?! Sorrynotsorry I keep reminding everyone. But seriously. Onetwothreerestyle will be an ongoing series that will include all kinds of sewing projects, from simply spicing up an old garment to altering something thrifted to getting crazy and full-on restyling a piece into something completely different from its original state. Like, pants to shorts or something (crazytown, I know). I'll be using it track my skill progress, push myself to get creative with the clothes I have vs. dropping dollars for new ones, and hopefully give you some fun, crafty ideas to shake up your closet in the process! 

This first post is just about as basic as they come. I took a plain jane cotton dress and handstitched a bit of lace to the collar. That's it. That's all. Quick, easy, and now the dress is a little bit fancier than I found it. 
dress- target clearance / belt- thrifted / sandals- my mom's / necklace- thrifted / lace- thrifted
Happy Tuesday lovelies! 

September 17, 2012

Cardigan weather.

Only a few more days until it's officially fall! Today was a little cooler than normal, with a smooth NONHUMID breeze (um hello Houston you're ridiculous), so I took full advantage. Though really, I've been dressing for fall all summer because it's so cold in my office. Like, meat locker status. But I can't wait to get some REAL use out of my crazy collection of  sweaters, tights and scarves. Who's with me?! 

Also, am I the only one who still wears legwarmers on the reg? I think I'm going to try my hand at crocheting a pair before the year's out! 

September 16, 2012

Blind spots.

Yesterday I went in for an eye exam. My prescription expired in April and I was on my last pair of contacts… I have a pair of glasses, but they’re a few prescriptions old and despite continuous tightening have a tendency to fall off my face (to be fair, they’re men’s frames, but anyway). All things considered, it was about that time.

The exam itself was nothing spectacular. I’m no stranger to the optometrists’ chair, phoropter clicking in front of my face, “Which is better, this one? Or this one?” as I squint through layers of lenses to read a line on the eye chart.

When she asked me to take out my contacts, I thought nothing of it, as usual. I sat. Looked around. Answered questions. Really looked around. WOW. I really can’t see a single thing. Light and color and shadow blur together into a single, pulsing blob in front of my face. It’s not that my sight suddenly deteriorated over the course of a year and a half, but every time I’m asked in this office to take out my contacts, it hits me. I can’t see. I was born without the physical ability to visually define shapes, objects, people. Details. Visual discernment.
This got me thinking about the pervasive theme of blindness we experience in our own lives, in our culture. As individuals, we can get so blinded by fear, apprehension, anger, pain, disappointment…even positive things we get passionate about. When we’re so focused on our own issues or struggles that we can’t clearly see past them to the world around us, to the people who care most about us, we miss the details. I’m no exception. I live daily in a flurry of work, school, to do lists, being there for my family, spending time with The Boyfriend, connecting with friends in faraway places, working on my own personal goals. The weeks blur together. My lack of focus makes my hearing selective, and my interpretation of things more critical or just plain misconstrued. And I know I’m not the only one.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back from overworking and pretending to have it all together and being everything to everyone all the time. None of these things are achievable, practical, or even healthy. You do what you have to do to survive, I get that. Working hard isn’t a crime. But I wonder if sometimes we’re not so caught up in our own lives, so distracted by things we want/can’t have/don’t need, so blinded by our ambition, that we miss the big picture, and all the magnificent details along the way.

I’m working on shifting my perspective…corrective lenses can fix my biological blindness, but they can’t fix what I’ve missed over the years because of my own out of focus living. The only things that matters are moving forward, having open communication, making amends, and being present.

That’s what I’m aiming for. What’re some things you can do to better focus on what’s REALLY important to you? 

September 13, 2012

Bits & Pieces

1. Barring what I said last week about this fashion industry, this woman, Iris Apfel, is an exception. I mean. You can't help but fall in love. With her, it's all a matter of perspective; not being necessarily being on-trend or going with the flow. She is her own personality, and that, I think, is the root of everything. This is just a sneak peek at the documentary currently being made about her, but you can read more about the self-proclaimed "geriatric starlet" here
2. Really loving the photo-a-day handkerchief journal DIY Kara did for A Beautiful Mess. That girl can make a journal out of ANYTHING. 
3. The Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2012 lookbook is out! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I want to snuggle up in some of those fancy knits, especially the Wellwood Henley (p.27) and the Breton Shirt (p.56). Plus, the photography is amazing. They couldn't have picked a better location! 
1 / 2 / 3
4. Maybe I'm the only person who DIDN'T know about this, but Wendy MacNaughton is an AMAZING artist. I'm completely in love with her style. That Susan Sontag print was featured (and a limited print edition of them sold out before I could snag one!) on Brainpickings, and from there I followed the trail to her website...If you want to see some incredible, thought-provoking watercolor and ink work, she's you're gal. My favorites are her Commuters sketches, the SF Public Library (part of her "Meanwhile" documentary series), The Winemaker of Bolinas (also part of her "Meanwhile" series), AND her collaborative Pen&Ink tumblr series with Isaac Fitzgerald. PS getting lost in her blog might be the best thing that happens to you today. 

5. I get chills every time I listen to the grad speech David Foster Wallace gave at Kenyon College in 2005. Mentioning this because yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of his untimely death and heartwrenching as that may be, the speech is something that everyone should hear it at least once in their lifetime. 

6. ALSO you should check out the fall playlist Christine posted this's basically everything a fall playlist should be and then some. JUSTsayin. 

What're you loving today? 

September 12, 2012

Five Things I Want To Learn How To Do

I have my fingers in more pots than I know what to do with. And even though I haven't exactly mastered the art of anything, I HAVE learned how to do quite a few things fairly well. That means I'm always looking for new things to learn! Call it ADD....I call it a thirst for knowledge. PS be sure to check out Cara's FT list too! 

1. Sew without a pattern (that means practice practice practice)

2. Not be annoyed by a sink of dirty dishes that aren't mine to the point where I feel the compulsion to do them. I'm kidding maybenotreally. But also, learning to/feeling completely comfortable shooting in manual with my dslr would be nice. 

3. Process film and photos in a darkroom 

4. Drive stick, even though I'll probably never own a car that requires it. I just think it's a good bonus skill to have. Like being ambidextrous. You never know when it'll come in handy (also The Boyfriend drives stick so if we're out and something happens I can't drive his car). 

5. Screenprinting. And patience and grace and chilling the eff out...which are more daily practices than things you learn and suddenly know how to do all the time. So, you know. Practice. 

What're some things you'd like to learn how to do? 

September 10, 2012

Feet on the ground, head on the sky.

This Must Be The Place by Miles Fisher on Grooveshark
These are some of the shots I took on my random photo walk yesterday. I was already in my favorite part of the city, and the weather was too perfect NOT to wander around and have some fun! The whole time I was really aware of colors and patterns (I'm working on an idea board for a new art project!).  Plus, I wanted to see if Amy's Icecream still has their photobooth. They do! 

Happy Monday friends! How're you feeling today? Are you working on any new, exciting projects? 

September 9, 2012

Make it up as we go along.

Today I took a trip downtown and picked up a copy of the new Lab Magazine (which, by the way, DID come out on Labor Day, aka I'm totally quotable). PS the Barnes & Nobles in my area are lameish. ANYWAY. I'd seen this store before but never stopped in to see what their art/photography magazine selection was, I spent and hour sitting on the floor reading Oh Comely magazine (which I'd never seen before but kind of love) and flipping through anything and everything that looked remotely interesting. The lady probably thought I was ridiculous. Regardless, I restrained myself and only bought what I came there for (plus issue no.5 of lovewant magazine, whatever, the photos are amazing). 

And for some reason, I felt light. The sun was out, the sky was clear, there was a cool I walked. A lot. And took some photos. I can honestly say that in this moment, I'm the happiest I've ever been in a really long time.

(Also, I went fishing with The Boyfriend and a few of the guys last night on the pier in Galveston...and it was SO.MUCH.FUN. I haven't been in so long. I'm sure that helped). 

First H&M, now this?! Houston, you're making it harder and harder for me to leave...


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