September 3, 2012

Around here.

I've been delving into my anthropology book like it's Christmas, no joke. (It is, after all, my major).

And because it's September and fashion is my guilty pleasure I bought the Vogue September issue and have been going through it at breakfast the past few 916 pages?! Pretty's a stellar 120th anniversary issue so far (though I don't really buy these things for the writing, hello). So congrats to Anna Wintour and the gang on that I guess. 

I picked up Women at a garage sale on Saturday and the photography is just amazing. Um Annie Leibovitz?! Please. Essay by Susan Sontag?! So there. "A book of photographs of women must, whether it intends to or not, raise the question of women- there is no equivalent 'question of men'. Men, unlike women, are not a work in progress." Think on that for a bit; I'll be sharing my own two cents once I've processed the work as a whole. 

And Allen Ginsberg, well. You know. His poetry is my break from life. 

Oh, and re-reading all the interviews in the last Lab Magazine. Because they're so much fun, and I think (don't quote me on this) a new issue comes out this month. Which is completely unrelated as to why I'm re-reading this one. But anyway. 

Thursday was the baby bird's birthday (she's what? When did that happen? She's also six inches taller than me already???) and I decorated the house, baked some chocolate cupcakes with espresso buttercream frosting upon request. She was my resident taste-tester for The Boyfriend's cupcake batch and liked them so much she wanted some for herself! It's been one helluva birthday blitz around here, lemme tell ya. More on that tomorrow.


Meet the newest member of my ever-growing analog camera family! I've been on the prowl (ok not really, I'm just bein drama) for a 35mm and my neighbor's garage sale (same as above) put an end to my search! Um WHEN did they become so cool and WHY do they have to move out NOW?I spent half an hour talking to the husband about art and photography (they were also selling a complete darkroom set...MY HEART...but I have nowhere to use it! Sad day!) But enough about that. Enter the Minolta SRT SC-II, commence my heart exploding into a billion pieces because I couldn't/still can't believe it was so cheap/is now mine. The camera came with two extra lenses, detachable flash, leather case in great condition, and manuals for everything except the camera itself. But thank Google, I found a free pdf on my first search! 

So, you know, happiness. 

And I'm gladly accepting any/all expired 35mm film at this point and time. Mostly I'm kidding. But seriously.  

ALSO. I could go for this three day weekend stuff a little more often. Can I get an amen? 


  1. What a great find! Too bad about missing out on the darkroom supplies. That would have been awesome. I really want to get into film photography. I have a 35mm that needs some fixing up which will hopefully happen sooner rather than later!

    1. I hope so too hun! What kind of camera do you have?


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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