September 25, 2012


tank- thrifted (Old Navy) / skirt- thrifted & altered by me / cardigan- target / shoes- target / necklace-thrifted
Today was really long and busy and all I want to do is sit in front of my sewing machine, but I'm waiting on some fabric, so sad day. Mad Men and crocheting? Probably. Mainly I just wanted an excuse to show off this amazing cardigan because I'm in love with it. 

Yep. Wasn't kidding. I picked up this beaut on a late night Target run with The Boyfriend. He was looking for 'slacks' that turned into denim khakis. They're a little too long so I have to take them up a bit and if they accidentally turn into skinnies in the process...whatever (;

PS doesn't that jumping picture look like I'm being carried away by a handful of balloons or something? That would be amazing right about now, haha. Also, I'm not actually glaring. That just kind of happens. It's my blank I should probably work on not looking like I'm going to shank someone and learn to "smile with my eyes" (didn't they used to say that on Next Top Model or something? I only saw two episodes. You tell me, because I obviously haven't mastered the skill either way). 

But hey it's almost Wednesday! And I don't really watch tv very often but did any of you guys catch some season premieres last night? I didn't, so I'm already behind, but Castle and 2 Broke Girls are on my list. 


  1. holy cuteness batman! tyra calls it smizing when you smile with your eyes she combined the two phrases. i like the show, but sometimes i want to smack her. does that make me a bad person?

    1. Haha SMIZING?! REALLY?! I'd want to smack her too.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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