February 24, 2013

I'm doing 48 things (some new, some old-new) before I turn 24 next year!
1. Go roller skating (too bad they won’t be playing bad 90s music anymore)
2. Visit the Houston Zoo
3. Submit one body of written work for contest/publication
4. Submit one piece of artwork for contest/exhibit
5. Go on a father/daughter date
6. Re-learn, for real this time, how to knit
7. Sew a dress for a Life Occasion
8. Photo day with my girl C-Cote
9. Learn Russian (ish)
10. Go to a DiverseWorks exhibit
11. Photograph my grandparents
12. Record my grandparents’ stories from Cuba
13. Archive my grandparents’ photos from Cuba
14. Volunteer at a shelter
15. Finish the ALIVE art journal
16. Find a home church
17. Mail encouraging notes to strangers
18. Write a review (any kind)
19. Interview a band
20. See a show at Dean’s Credit Clothing
21. Crochet a peter pan collar
22. Dissect Ginsberg’s HOWL…because I never actually finished doing that
23. Photograph my favorite part of the city
24. Take a yoga class do yoga once a week
25. Go to a jazz club !!!
26. Officially meet my ladybird in Cali
27. Go for a nature/inspiration walk
28. Record a track and/or sing at an open mic night with my brother
29. Finish The Chevron Throw of Fail haha…
30. Sketchbook Project 2014 (since I had an utter memory lapse in 2013)
31. Go salsa dancing !!!
32. Decorate my office
33. Experience The Eagles’ entire discography, in full, on the floor. Make art to it.
34. Repaint my room
35. Go on a mother/daughter massage date thing (my neck/shoulders feel like knotted granola all the damn time)
36. Sew a pillow cover
37. Go to a farmer’s market (Pearland or downtown)
38. See a play (at the Alley, at Stages, wherever)
39. Finish my short-story-in-progress
40. Go to an improv show
41. Start my Really Important Life Mantra Tattoo
42. Go to an Astros game since I haven’t been in years (and so I can experience the abuse firsthand. Dear AL, you suck)
43. Host a themed party of some kind
44. Take a book-binding class
46. Interview a local artisan
47. Read two more books by Rilke and Hesse
48. TBA ! 

February 21, 2013


Today I am offically 23 years of age. It's ridiculous. Even MORE ridiculous is that our precious boy Biggs is officially 84...!...in human years, haha. Love this old man to death; my baby forever and ever. There's nothing better than sharing a birthday with this guy. Sweetest thing; he melts my heart


February 19, 2013

Forever young.

My babydoll Cayman's birthday was last week, and I created this embroidered portrait as part of her gift. It was my first time doing a portrait but it turned out much better than expected (actually I had no idea what to expect, haha)...and when it came time to mail it off I had so much trouble saying goodbye! Hoping to experiment with this style a little bit more this year, because it was so much fun to work on and such a cute, quick project to make! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADYLOVE! 

Have you ever done portrait embroidery? How'd it turn out? Show me your amazing work lovers. 


February 17, 2013

Circle, cycle, bicycle.

Normally I'm crafting way ahead of schedule for holidays, but this year I lacked the motivation/foresight to really put too much thought into Valentine's day, not to mention the fact that life decided to up the ante and swamp me with all kinds of crazyunexpected (like it does, haha). I still like writing random love notes though, so the way I see it, it's never too late to celebrate friendship. Mailing off my heart in little pieces of polka dots, glitter, and ink to the people I care about in faraway places. I hope everyone had a good weekend!


February 16, 2013

14 Days of Love Challenge Recap.

I mentioned a post or two ago that I was participating in Miss Indie's 14 Days of Love challenge on Instagram...obviously I double posted on some days, haha. Just thought I'd share a quick recap (or you can find me @jsimcity and see the fun for yourself haha). (:

Day 1 // favorite color: mustard
Day 2 // book: On the Road - Jack Kerouac
Day 3 // music: Muddy Waters
Day 4 // time of day: 10:37am ish because that means APPLE&PB TIME
Day 5 // memory: taking photos with this lovely lady (and our countless shenanigans)
Day 6 // food: Jazz apples with Laura Scudder's smooth peanut butter
Day 7 // posession: my Minnesota Model A and my Galaxie Deluxe typewriter
Day 8 // hobby: sewing/painting/crocheting/knitting to name a few, haha
Day 9 // pet: my babydoll! We have the same birthday!
Day 10 // collection: my cameras and vinyl
Day 11 // clothing: anything I've thrifted, but these two especially
Day 12 // movie: Fight Club/Annie Hall/Gladiator/Star Wars original trilogy/Manhattan/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (with Noomi Rapace)/No Country For Old Men/Pirate Radio...also, American Gangster
Day 13 // quote: real is not perfect
Day 14 // me! ...and my crazyface coworkers. L-O-V-E those guys. 

I had so much fun with this photo-a-day challenge! Thanks Mandy for hosting!


February 14, 2013

Accept yourself as you are right now; an imperfect, changing, growing and worthy person. -Denis Waitley 

Go give someone a huge hug and tell them you love them today. Happy Thursday friends! 


February 10, 2013

Reality anonymous

Friday night before/after shenanigans and errands errands errands. Not sure how long this look will stick...either way, a selfdancebleachmusicparty was just what I needed. Also, I failed to mention I joined in the 14 Days of Love photo challenge posed by Mandy of Miss Indie...I'm a little behind, but I'll get there haha. In other news, here are some things I'm currently...

Watching // Everything ever made with Ezra Miller, On the Road, Cloud Atlas, Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, people (haha)

Reading // Just finished Demian, almost done with Narcissus and Goldmund, about to start the Collected Shorter Plays by Samuel Beckett, waiting for Reborn: Journals & Notebooks by Susan Sontag to arrive in the mail! (hit me with recommendations, yo!)

Listening // Frightened Rabbit's new album!, The Mynabirds, Keb' Mo', Cleanup, Zeus, getting nostalgic with Manchester Orchestra and Bad Books' first album...and spinning Live at Newport ft. BB King, Big Mama Thornton & Muddy Waters on repeeeeatmyheartmysoul (again, always down for recs!)

Planning // Valentines mail surprises, shows to check out in the next month,  art projects

Thinking // about the people I love and miss in faraway places, the steps I'm taking for a healthier life,  general lifestyle changes that need to be made

Looking forward to // music, meeting people, hard times ahead, being one year older !!! 

Happy about // hair changes, free lipstick, being alive, living in the south. I'm serious. Hoping my dearhearts up north are staying safe and warm with the crazy weather! 

What're you lovelies getting into lately? I hope everyone's having a great weekend! GRAMMYS TONIGHT! What am I saying? I haven't watched the Grammys since 2011. And before that...never. Maybe I'll actually catch em this time. I'm more of an Academy Awards kinda girl (:


February 9, 2013


Life’s been a string of counterfeit days and
appointment after
appointment after
appointment after
union yoga nights and crazytrain rollercoasters of
love and fear and fantastic frenzy

Words on a page, written and read
images on a screen, in my soul, in my head
fluid notes of beauty dripping through the speakers, wherever
harsh and loud
sweet as syrup
moaning and jumbled and
plastic and heartfelt melodies

Agenda full of dates dates dates to remember
things to do, places to be, people to see and miss forever in
this tiny little kingdom
if all goes well, if it feels alright
I’ll be there to give and listen and love and hold
everything in my fibrous limbs maybe
even my heart

And at the end of the night, just remember
leave it all behind you
the bad ones especially but the good ones too because
at the end of the night, it’s over;
don’t fall for ghosts or
fake a smile or laugh too hard
because that’s not genuine either

At the end of the night just lean baby
lean on into the now, the next;
tomorrow's new, and when you're up and shining things
move forward propel
you to them and
last year
last month
last night
don’t mean a thing, 
never did
never will
and that's ok.


February 1, 2013

Dear February

Realtalk: I like you, I don't like you. You're one more year of life, two more years gone by, babyblog's first year of existence (what?! YAY!). Despite these things, you're my least favorite month aside from January. But I'll find grace in you, dig up the warmth and compassion, fight for the strength to move forward. More books, more film, more art, more friends, more times, more love, more connection, more faith, more miles, more laughter. February, you are more. You are mine. 



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