September 27, 2012

Drop the needle.

No Bits & Pieces post for this week my dears; instead I crafted quite possibly one of the dorkiest playlists ever. And by dorky I mean AWESOME. These songs spin more often than anything else on my record player. Look, I love the Beatles, and Lord knows I love me some Zeppelin, but like...sometimes this girl just needs some bubblegum ridiculous to get through the night. Many a dance party has ensued (family included) to the '70s sounds of the Osmonds and the Partridge Family.  And forget 'NSync, I went through my boyband phase with the Monkees and Hermans Hermits. No shame. Have a great Thursday, and stay tuned for a new Onetwothreerestyle post! 

PS You're welcome. Though, for the record, CCR is NEVER cheesy. Or sweet Janis. Only awesome.
OH! AND! Something you should know about: sign-up is still open for Kelly Zarb's international paperlove swap! (But it closes Sept. 29, so get on that). 

1 comment:

  1. ha-ha to having some jessica fun! i think the kinks rock.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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