September 22, 2012

Lights will guide you home.

Last night my brother and his friends (better known as Farewell Abigail) played my old highschool's talent show. Zach (piano, vocals) is the only one who actually attends the school, but my brother used to go there before opting to homeschool his senior year, so the entire band was kind of grandfathered in by default. ANYWAY the guys covered Coldplay's Fix You to close out the show and um, literal standing ovation. The crowd went crazy. I was so freaking amazed, proud, everything. With my brother on guitar and backup vocals and Sayer on the cajon, they

At the very end they all stood up dramatically, and everyone thought the show was over, and they had to quiet the audience down...and they stood and sang the very end of the song and I was basically crying. Ok not really, but my heart was exploding because HELLO big sister syndrome, it's my brother and his friends and they're so dang talented. 

Also, I'm not the best at taking dark auditorium photos with a lens as long as my forearm (serious)...probably clicked about 100 and these are the few that came outish. Except that last one. I had to share it. Dramatic ending that made my heart melt. Maybe you had to be there. It was amazing. 

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