November 5, 2013

Dear November.

It's official: the time has changed, recalling memories from the grave -- Roadtrip Season 2012 and beyond. Crave it, feel that tremble deep in my bones, aching for open horizons and miles miles miles towards some vaguely plotted destination. The spontaneity of November, the crystal of my existence. Eyes peeled and ears to the ground for new music, long lost gems of grace and threads of soulsplinters, cracks in pavement where up rise bravehearts and dearhearts -- the ones who leave and the ones who stay in the nonchalant irregularity of life. Hold on, let go, fill your limbs with gratitude. 

Also, I can officially crochet scarves in public without weird stares and whispers that abound. 
I'm kidding. 

October flew by without so much as a wave goodbye and good riddance; I've made my peace and that's all that matters. 

Happy Tuesday lovelies, holy open mic night of the world. 



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