February 16, 2013

14 Days of Love Challenge Recap.

I mentioned a post or two ago that I was participating in Miss Indie's 14 Days of Love challenge on Instagram...obviously I double posted on some days, haha. Just thought I'd share a quick recap (or you can find me @jsimcity and see the fun for yourself haha). (:

Day 1 // favorite color: mustard
Day 2 // book: On the Road - Jack Kerouac
Day 3 // music: Muddy Waters
Day 4 // time of day: 10:37am ish because that means APPLE&PB TIME
Day 5 // memory: taking photos with this lovely lady (and our countless shenanigans)
Day 6 // food: Jazz apples with Laura Scudder's smooth peanut butter
Day 7 // posession: my Minnesota Model A and my Galaxie Deluxe typewriter
Day 8 // hobby: sewing/painting/crocheting/knitting to name a few, haha
Day 9 // pet: my babydoll! We have the same birthday!
Day 10 // collection: my cameras and vinyl
Day 11 // clothing: anything I've thrifted, but these two especially
Day 12 // movie: Fight Club/Annie Hall/Gladiator/Star Wars original trilogy/Manhattan/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (with Noomi Rapace)/No Country For Old Men/Pirate Radio...also, American Gangster
Day 13 // quote: real is not perfect
Day 14 // me! ...and my crazyface coworkers. L-O-V-E those guys. 

I had so much fun with this photo-a-day challenge! Thanks Mandy for hosting!



  1. Lovely pics! The one with the cute dog is my favourite!

  2. what a fun way to document your now. :)


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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