March 30, 2013

45. Go to the rodeo. Done(ish).

SO, here's the deal. I was all set at the beginning of rodeo season, when everyone's raging (it's long over, btw). Had my ticket to go see Styx, was going to meet up with a friendly of mine and it was just going to be amazing. UH-mazing. Styx is kind of my heart. And they were playing in my city, at the rodeo. Easy enough to cross off the birthday list, right?

Wrong. That Monday came and I was ridiculously sick. As in, have to leave work way early, miss a doctor appointment, and OH, ALSO, PS THE STYX SHOW THAT NIGHT because I'm curled up in bed while my stomach reenacts that scene from Alien, or something.

So I was going to the rodeo. I just didn't ACTUALLY make it there. And to be completely honest, Styx was really my only reason for going. Could not afford to drop more dollars after missing that event, but it ended up being ok because my broseph and I had some facetime realtalk that night, and I knew why I'd needed to be home and not at Reliant Stadium with thousands of screaming fans singing along to the Best of Times. Even if it meant dealing with my insides screaming at me. Or something. 

I'm still crossing it off the 48 before 24 list, because I had a damn ticket. I listened to the holographic Paradise Theater album on repeat from my bed all night, if that counts for anything. Done is done.  


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