February 9, 2013


Life’s been a string of counterfeit days and
appointment after
appointment after
appointment after
union yoga nights and crazytrain rollercoasters of
love and fear and fantastic frenzy

Words on a page, written and read
images on a screen, in my soul, in my head
fluid notes of beauty dripping through the speakers, wherever
harsh and loud
sweet as syrup
moaning and jumbled and
plastic and heartfelt melodies

Agenda full of dates dates dates to remember
things to do, places to be, people to see and miss forever in
this tiny little kingdom
if all goes well, if it feels alright
I’ll be there to give and listen and love and hold
everything in my fibrous limbs maybe
even my heart

And at the end of the night, just remember
leave it all behind you
the bad ones especially but the good ones too because
at the end of the night, it’s over;
don’t fall for ghosts or
fake a smile or laugh too hard
because that’s not genuine either

At the end of the night just lean baby
lean on into the now, the next;
tomorrow's new, and when you're up and shining things
move forward propel
you to them and
last year
last month
last night
don’t mean a thing, 
never did
never will
and that's ok.



You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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