September 5, 2012

Killer Queen.

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So, I mentioned in a Five Things post awhile back that I want to visit where Freddie Mercury was buried, and how that presents a slight problem because he was cremated. Well. That just goes to show how much I love this man who would have been 66 TODAY. 

I was initially drawn to Queen the way many people are- Bohemian Rhapsody is probably the most well-known, catchy song by them besides We Will Rock You and Another One Bites the Dust. I mean. Is there a lyric to any of those songs you DON'T know? Ok maybe. But that's not the point. Beyond the mad crescendos and GalieloGalileos I found something more incredible; the beauty of an idiosyncratic, theatrical band and the man behind the microphone with a vocal range to rival any man (and most women) I know. 

I remember a lot of late night art projects with News of The World and Night at the Opera spinning on my record player in highschool. Long roadtrips with nothing but me and Freddie, windows down belting out track after track at the top of our lungs to see who could hold each note the longest. He won every time, duh. 

These days I mainly listen to their live concert recordings because um, hello the energy. You can practically taste it, you're so close. It vibes in your bones. Chills to the max. 

Ok ALSO, how brilliant a name is Freddie Mercury? I mean. I've never gotten over that. So incredibly fitting for a man who was the center of attention, the main attraction. I guess that's the magic of the whole thing, the charm. When I become a legendary musical powerhouse, I can only hope you guys will give me half that kind of credit. Seriously.

Happy birthday Freddie. You're missed. Also, I'm jealous that my uncle's first concert experience was seeing you live. So you know, maybe come back and play me a song or something. MISSED.  

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