August 22, 2012

Five Places I Need to Visit Before I Die.

My mental list for this one is really long. As in, almost every city in every country in the world. Obviously that won’t happen in my lifetime, but I want to see as much of this planet as I can before I kick the bucket. Narrowing my top five down was really difficult…that’s all I’m going to say. Hence the cheating. OH WELL. Grab the banner and drop the link to your Five Things post in the comments. Don’t forget to link up to this post when you do, AND check out Cara's list for the week! 

Five Things Places I Need to Visit Before I Die

1. Cuba (where my mother is from and many of my relatives are buried)
2. Every country in Africa, including and especially Ethiopia (again). 
3. England
4. Russia + all former Soviet states
5. The gravesites of these people: 
William S. Burroughs (Bellefontaine Cemetery: St. Louis, MO)
Allen Ginsberg (Gomel Chesed Cemetery: Elizabeth, NJ)
Jack Kerouac (Edson Cemetery: Lowell, MA)
Charles Bukowski (Green Hills Memorial Park: Rancho Palos Verdes, LA County, CA)
W.H. Auden (Kirchstetten, Austria)
Sylvia Plath (St.Thomas' Churchyard, Heptonstall, West Yorkshire, England)
Janis Joplin* (except that she was cremated and scattered in the Pacific Ocean)
Joe Strummer* (who was also cremated. DAMN.)
Freddie Mercury* (cremated, scattered on the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland)
Muddy Waters (Restvale Cemetery: Worth, IL)
Princess Diana (Althorp House grounds: Northamptonshire, England)
*cremated people, I'm visiting your hometowns and memorials, etc
Looks like I'm in for quite the adventure. Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. This may sound weird, but I would have NEVER thought of the places you did!! I guess that is what makes you so unique and perfect to blog!! :)


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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