September 5, 2012

Five Things I Miss

Cara and I are waxing a bit nostalgic in this week's FT list! As always, feel free to join in the fun and post your own list. Don't forget to leave us your link in the comments! 

1. Having an apartment and the most uh-MAZING roomates ever in San Marcos, with the river two seconds away (and all my fraaaans) 

2. Anything and everything related to coffee, dark chocolate, dessert in general, cranberries, and colby jack/muenster cheese

3. The moment I stepped off the bus in Shashemene, Ethiopia; the thrill of it, the beautiful people

4. Attending a university...being in a random, exciting community in general

5. Feeling whole (the other half of my brain lives in Waco, ugh)

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