September 6, 2012

Bits & Pieces: September Issues.

And I'm talking more than just magazines here. Specifically, I have a bone to pick with Vogue, with fashion, with my own bifurcated mind when it comes to all of these things as they relate to women. As they relate to myself. It's no secret that fashion has always been an influential force in society. It's functioned as a means to denote status and wealth, separate the classes, define gender roles, and, you know, everyone wears clothes so why wouldn't it be the most nonverbal form of self-expression? Because of that, it's easy to see how clothing, this most intimate fabric of our lives*, the mere CREATION of it, is an art form, requiring a specific skill set and eye for that self-expression. A means to bring out that personal sense of "style" in others. It defines some of us, while others could care less. But that's not really the issue here.

Vogue has been lauded (lauding itself, rather) on being this voice for women, loosely tracing the feminist movement from the taboos of showing nothing but neck and ankle to the free spirited baring of arms and legs and so on. Highlighting feminine beauty. Dressing women appropriately for the groundbreaking roles they've played throughout the years. That said, my love/hate for the fashion industry and its steadily pulsing vein in our culture stems from the vanity, self-righteousness, and emphasis on outward appearance, though I'm just as guilty of wanting to look my best as the next girl. I'm just thinking out loud, and thinking that maybe the focus is too much on that. Too much on what to wear, what's in and what's not (the real trailblazers break such barriers...but then that's part of the legacy of feminist fashion in of itself)…

At the end of the day, you wear what you wear, prioritize what you do, and go from there. It's the ones that take it way too seriously that scare me a little, but without those people, we'd have no great designers, no bulky magazines to ogle every month September, no tailors and seamstresses dedicated to their craft. That’s just the gradual shift from hand-sewn clothing as a necessity to mass-produced ready-to-buy or clothing to catwalk that’s less about functionality and more about art form. (I myself love to sew, so what does that say about me?) When I say fashion is a guilty pleasure, I mean it. So this week I'm giving in and shutting down the half of my brain that hates the drama/judgement/nitpicking that fashion brings out in some people (who wore the dress best? WHO CARES) and sharing some of my um...favorites from the fashion world. It is, after all, September. 

1. Ten Vogue firsts. Mainly I like the phrase "ushering in a new era for the working woman".  
2. Chloe FW 2012 ad campaign. My heart. But see, as much as I'd like to dress all classy every single day, I'd much rather live my life in secondhand/vintage/something that's not jeans and a tshirt (no offense). Mainly because fashion magazines are my art journaling/general crafting mecca, and most of the shoots are interesting and well done. See above. (Also I am broke. So there). 
3. Um, just celebrating the man that is Marc Jacobs because he's my favorite designer. As in, him personally. And his stores in NY. I could make a cozy home. His designs aren't always my thing but I love his weirdness, his total outoftheboxness (though I WILL say I basically want to live in his S/S 2010 line forever...also his purple highwaisted jodhpur jeans and no I don't still have a picture of them framed on my wall. Absolutely do not). How he turned some of the craziest, most ridiculous things into iconic fashion. It's no secret I (still) want a tattoo of his initals on my wrist, or his actual name on the back of my neck, in the typical MJ branding font. Just BECAUSE. Have you seen HIS tattoos? Ok then. Don't judge me. 
4. Isabel Marant F/W 2012 Also, LOVING the hair. Way to go Arizona Muse for pulling it off so beautifully/tempting me to chop mine off when I've come so far! Ahhhh. 

5. Technically this isn't September anything. But apparently James Franco has been making these 'episodes' for 7 For All Mankind. This is for the spring collection BUT it has this end of summer feel that vibes September, ya know? Whatever. I like it. 
6. The goggles are my favorite. Can I be on this train? Dear Louis Vitton, I really have no respect for your work whatsoever but this is a nice shot. So, you know, maybe I retract the former statement. But only slightly. 

7. Ok, tired of talking about way outta my league expensive fashion things. I have 11 months to recover from this high society headache, so in the meantime, here's a really great read for anyone interested in being a better writer, blogger, etc  via the ever amazing Sarah of Yes and Yes! Happy Thursday! 

*You guys, I actually used that in a post. Commence full-body cringe. 

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