March 30, 2013



It's been a serious minute since I've plugged into the blogsphere, and I've felt the ache and pull back to this place all month like a hole in my heart. When the blog had its  first birthday, I scrolled back through the archives from the beginning to the place where the magic/madness began, and was so dang proud to see the progress, remembering so many long days and late nights planning and making content a priority. Seemingly simple posts sometimes took hours to assemble because I was so new, cared so much. I've unwittingly let that fervor slip away; sometimes I needed the break, sometimes the space was more effective than posting for the sake of logging time online. Sometimes I was just too too tired. 

More recently, I've been busy distracting myself with life. Living in it, meeting people, twirling from one appointment, event, coffeeshop, or curbside hang to the next. Plenty of driving, working on aspects of my health that need to be attended to, etc. So many beautiful beautiful faces along the way. From fleeting acquaintanceships that dissolved all too quickly to budding friendships now flourishing in ways I'd have never expected, I've loved every single minute; even the painful ones, those slow aching seconds that seem to last a lifetime. There's beauty to be found in those, too. 

My instagram feed is probably the most telling outlet cataloging my recent ventures, and that's silly. I miss the weight of a camera in my hands, miss planning ahead for posts and scheduling things, miss making things that I cant share on here, miss musing and writing for all of you lovelies willing to read. I haven't done enough of that lately and for every second that hasn't been jampacked with Life Things, I thought of this. I thought of you. I thought of this space I once so proudly called my own. 


And sharing stories I keep putting off, and the new hair situation I have going on (when do I not these days, haha...promise you won't keep seeing a bunch of photos showing off my hair each new post. I'm tired of them, so I can't imagine how you're feeling haha. DONE. But I really like the mini undercut. My babybird told me I look like Skrillex...she's 11. How does she even know who he is? I MEAN.)

Just wanted to say hi, miss you, brb. 


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