March 3, 2013

Dear March

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! WHAT IS UP. February was wildnightrudefaceloveyouwhatjusthappenedatwafflehouse. Lots of movement and meeting new souls of brilliance and connection to longloved dearhearts. I endeavored to soak up every ache and pain, every hollow bonebroken moment of those 28 days. Voids were filled, emptied; scars grew a thicker, tougher skin and faded; new replaced old, old came back to haunt; everything spun in a freewheelin' rage of ecstasy and deaddrop rockbottom on the dancefloor. Smelled like bonfire regret, coffeehouse grind, staleness and purity, birthdays and Amazon Pequi body butter bound up in moments. Tallies, gains, losses losses losses and gains. February kept score, February out of control. So March, I'm glad you're here. I'm ready for warmer weather and forward motion and adventures a-plenty. Less lights going up, lights going down. More level-headed centers of focus, more awareness, more mindfulness, more rest.  

Ay pero febrero, you did have your good moments, this my favorite... 
In a blasted Subway parking lot of glory 
Home Depot luminescence and windblown boxes of cardboard I met an angel found
one of My People, one of the 
Mad Ones.
You live your life for moments like this. 

But welcome March, you're gonna be WEIRD! And hopefully more graceful. 

PS dyed my hair again because dark roots in blonde hair equals zero bits attractive. My attempt at red turned into a fried deep burgundy fail, but oh well. Rollin with it. 

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  1. holy fantastic writing in a run on stream of consciousness, batman! ;)


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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