January 22, 2013

on the run

Friday morning I was making the day’s to-do list at my desk; work was slow and I decided to look ahead to the weekend. One of my usual Friday to-dos is “make weekend to-do list” haha (list within a list- LISTCEPTION!!! as my brother would say). Whether or not I stick to it, I like to be organized. It’s safe to say my weekend did not at ALL go as planned. Yes, I got a lot of things accomplished...but mostly just added some serious mileage to my car. Friday night found me scrambling for a foothold, so after sleeping in, cleaning, and making a few phonecalls on Saturday, I was on the road to see some dear friends in Austin. And going to a show that night in San Marcos. And when I’m panicked and my heart hurts, I flee to both of those places. That’s where I’m found.

On my way home Sunday I made a quick stop back in town for my grandma’s birthday lunch, then headed straight to the water. Galveston, in all its polluted glory, is a haven. Seeking solace among the waves to clear my mind and empty me fully; communing with nature in the dying light of the setting sun…there’s nothing like it.

Also, I’ve further confused myself by joining instagram, so these are a few of my photos from the road, kind of...I was scrambling to Atx so most of those are on a disposable...typical (I’m so bad at technology. Like Downton’s Mr. Carson, I have trouble with newfangled contraptions and change, haha). Brace yourself, the world’s newest instaidiot @jsimcity is on the loose! 

Songs from the road, repeat repeat repeat...
on the run.  by jsimcity on Grooveshark
 featherface at triple crown // san marcos



  1. I LoVED your playlist! AWesome songs. Beautiful shots!

    1. Thanks lady! Music just sets the tone of your trip, ya know?


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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