October 19, 2012

Tights & stripes.

top- thrifted (J.Crew) / skirt- thrifted & altered by me / tights- Gap / boots- thrifted 
My hair is getting so long! I can't even. Also, I promise I wear more than just red/white/black (and this skirt!) every day, but it's definitely an easy combo when you're running late for work. Ahem. Also, you already know this Internet, but I love my brother. Edited to add: I meant to post this last Friday but totally forgot. Hence the non-tattooed hands. Oh discrepancies!


  1. totally cute & fun photos! it's your blog jessica. :) show who you love, if you want. are you liking the long hair?

    1. I'm in that awkward hair length phase. Long to me is to my waist...but it's definitely longer than it was a year ago. If I can stay away from the scissors and reminding myself how much I miss piling a crazy mess of curls on top of my head, I'll love it! Haha.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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