October 18, 2012

Bits & Pieces

1. This tutorial from Cotton & Curls has me scramblin' for a men's tee and my sewing machine. YOU GUYS. 
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2. These map prints from My Roots are absolutely ADORABLE. Perfect reminder of where you've come from, where you've been, where your heart lies. And they have one for almost EVERY COUNTRY on the globe! I can't even. 
3. It hasn't been too cool as of late but the chill is coming! This amazing vintage duvet is perfect for movie night snuggling. Also, I just said snuggling. And speaking as an adult woman I might have just thrown up in my mouth a little bit because I cannot and do not "snuggle" or "cuddle". But really, the duvet is gorgeous and might convince me otherwise.
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4. Scarves, scarves, scarves. They're like cardigans. I have way too many but somehow my collection always seems lacking. And by lacking I mean see the above creations of absolute BEAUTY by St. Anderswo! She also happens to be a featured seller on Etsy this week; definitely recommend checking out the interview. I love hearing about artists' creative process. LOVE. I want to wear her whole shop. On my body. At the same time. 
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5. Gingiber never fails to please...don't care that I don't have kids, don't care don't care because these stuffed pals are CUTE with a capital Q. Haha. And I feel like her line of bear stamps need to mosey their way on over to my craft stash...
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6. I definitely stumbled upon some increeedible Etsy shops this week, if this lengthy list isn't proof enough! So many loveable, inspiring things per shop I couldn't even narrow it down to one thing to share for each! The folks at GusAndLula offer quite a variety of cute prints for your life. These are my top four faves, but don't take my word for it. Go check it fo' yo'self. 
7. I've been saying this since The Velvet Bird opened her online shop, but I reallyREALLY am so in love with the original Lola dress and need to buck up and hmmm buy it. I've been ogling it since the shop opened almost a year ago. Hello, Earth to myself. ALSO. SO EXCITED for Vanessa because she did a limited run of these forest print dresses for a brick and mortar shop in Portland! So go there and buy one and make me so jealous of your fancy fall woodland skirt twirls. Or something (: 

Happy Thursday guys. What're you lovin' this week? Also, sorrynotsorry for the lack of "fall" oriented craftiness around here. It's not really my thing. But I love carving pumpkins and I hope to do that soon! Which reminds me, have you entered the Beautiful Mess pumpkin carving contest?! xo

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