October 21, 2012

Under construction+weekendthings.

So things are looking a little different around here today, right? I thought I was ready for the full-scale launch of the new layout buuuut just kidding. Turns out a few things need some more work, and I'm hoping to have it all together before November rolls around. One step closer to creating a format that's more writable, more livable, more lovable. More me I guess. Anyway. A few things that happened this week: 
Some Instax love for my dad's birthday! We taped the top one to his birthday Snickers bar, haha. The dslr was dead so we went oldschool with a combo of Instax and disposable camera. So happy happy birthday to my favorite dad in the universe! :insert hallelujah chorus:
An office on my dad's route was tossing some of their old office supplies and he brought these beauties home! I died. Having so much fun with them already! Again, best dad in the universe? Jes. 

In other news, have officially sold/donated/recycled/trashed loads and loads of things from my room and bought new paint for the walls! Still so much to do before Operation Paintjob happens though. Last barrier: tackle the craft stash and be done with the clutter forever now!

Hope you've had an amazing week friends! What's new? 


  1. oh happy birthday to your dad! i bet you are going to use those stamps in your art jessica, aren't you? i really like kara's fall in love class. i'm only on day 3, & i have done more than 10 pages.

    1. I'm so glad you're loving her class! That's awesome. She's got some really great ideas and techniques. And of COURSE I will be using those stamps in my art journals! Haha. Office supply weakness (:


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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