October 3, 2012

Five Things I Have In My Bag At All Times

Cara and I are goin' a little basic this week since both of us are feelin' under the weather, but I guess every blog ends up with this kind of post at some point or another. Here's to all  you lovely ladies out there who break your shoulders toting around ridiculous amounts of THINGS, haha. 

1. The Necessities Wallet (mine is a thrifted granny doo-dad in burgundy with an attached coin purse!), phone because I'm a very important person

2. Beauty Control Chapstick brand chapstick, bobbypins...sorrynotsorry I'm such a diva

3. Office Supplies Assortment of black Pilot G-2 pens (MYHEART), rainbow array of highlighters, whiteout, planner, misc. mini notebooks, binder clips (obsession), flash drive

4. The Medicine Cabinet Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Vicks vapor rub, tissues, knockoff Claritin, Klonopin (that's the only prescription med I carry with me)

5. Pseudo Necessities/Bad Habit Richard Nixon cigarette case, cigarettes, mini lighter, matches (though I'm considering going electric to help me ease off the hard stuff...thoughts? Suggestions?)

*Bonus Carry-ons* Camera (usually instax, dslr, or disposable), cardigan, crochet hooks

As usual, I've gone well beyond the parameter of a strict 'five' things. Oh well. Let's get girly. What's in your bag that you absolutely can't leave home without? Barring the obvious phone/wallet thing. 

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