October 4, 2012

Bits & Pieces

 1. Last week Vanilla & Lace launched some new products to her ever-growing inventory of AMAZING. It's times like this when I wish the money tree I planted would hurry up and bloom already...I wish she could tailor my entire WARDROBE. Some of these pieces are limited edition, so you'd better scoop em up while you can! My favorites: Army green leather clutch / Tribal blouse / Explorer dress / Polka dot blouse / Ella skirt / Triangle tote 
 2. This bear bracelet by Sea of Bees is just about the best fall accessory a girl could ask for. 
3. Totally heart-melting over this ephemera paper pack from Ginger Creations. Perfect springboard for your fall art journal, perhaps inspired by Kara Haupt's class? She's offering the class for $10 with the code fallvibes. Get crafty, folks. 
4. HELLO Melancholia-inspired (in my mind, at least) lunar prints by The Dopeler Effect! The embroidery hoop frames just seal the deal for me. Imaging my dream craft room with these beauties hung strategically on a giant mood board wall. SwooonMoon print / Face of Phoebe print
5. Dying over these fancy victorian-inspired kicks by GoodbyeFolk. Downton Abbey, much? 

6. If you didn't grab a disposable camera for The 100 Week, you still have time!  Four more days y'all! Get in on the action. I'm having so much fun! Can't wait to see how they come out. 

7. Cinderella's fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a carriage. Apartment Therapy turned a pumpkin into a keg. I don't think I need to point out which one is OBVIOUSLY more genius/season-friendly/practical. And pretty dang cool, I might add. 

8. Calling all art lovers and supporters of local talent! My friend Lauren is a contestant in the RAWards indie art competition...it's kind of a big deal. OVER THE MOON excited for this girl. If she gets enough votes, she's headed to the semi-finals that could land her a ticket to Cali for a Visual Artist award! All you have to do is register, and you're allowed to vote every day until October 15th. I'll love you forever if you help her out; every little bit counts! Thankyouthankyouthankyou (: 

9. Personal loves: this breezy sunshiny weather, art journaling with my little sister, the sweet whir of my sewing machine, late night walks+talks with The Boyfriend, beautiful new music

Happy Thursday lovelies! What're you lovin' this week? 


  1. i'm taking kara's fall class. i started this week. it's so fun. are you taking it?

    1. Ahhh that'so so exciting! I'm not taking this one, but I took her summer class and her play that song class and they were UHmazing. Have fun! I can't wait to see what you create!


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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