September 4, 2012

Easy Art Journal Organizer.

My little sister likes to hang out in my room while I art journal, and as I got more into it (read: buried under paper scraps and general ephemera) she decided to start one of her own! I was SO thrilled. She's always running into my room with her journal like "BIRD LOOK AT THE PAGE I JUST FINISHED!" haha. I LOVE And when her birthday rolled around I wasn't quite sure what to give her...but then it hit me. She already has unlimited access to my supplies, but how cool would it be to have a stash of her own? (And also clear her desk of all the scrapbook paper and pages she's torn out of magazines). 

My favorite thing about this little organized starter kit is the fact that it's quick and cheap to assemble, as well as easy cleanup for the person using it (that's probably my mom's favorite part). Another cool thing is the adaptability of the concept for all ages and interests. Of course, if I were to make this for one of my friends, I might upgrade to a plastic storage container, etc etc. ANYWAY. Here's what's inside!  
 The Basics
-Folder for scrapbook and other paper (which, like I said, my sister already has plenty of)
-What art journaling experience is complete without a great playlist?! I compiled a mix of our favorite 'sister songs'
-Stamp and stamp pads ($1 each at Michael's)
-Neon rainbow gel pens (88cents)
-Gluesticks (from my own massive stash)
-Stickers! She's really into mustaches right now so I HAD to get some of those, along with the Phineas & Ferb ones (confession: I bought the P&F ones for myself too; at $1 each? HAD TO)
-Decorative tape: I have a really limited supply of washi tape/can't really afford to buy it regularly, so I started printing patterns on label paper and cutting it into strips to use. Not exactly the same thing, but just as cute! I gave her some of my favorites. 
-Large ziploc bag for paper scraps: I have all of my scrapbook/art journaling paper organized in a plastic bin with hanging file folders, but I still use this method for my small scraps. As of right now it's busting at the seams so I need to do something about that, ha.
-Odds & ends: I have a box of random found objects I like to use in my journaling, so I put together a little bag of miscellaneous notecards, envelopes, pictures, photo corners...anything that could possibly be used to add interest to a page. My hope is that she adds her own little elements as she journals. 
Last but not least...
-Prompt cards! The baby bird has a beautiful creative spirit but we all have those days when we're just stumped and need a little nudge of inspiration. I wrote out different ideas for art journaling pages on notecards and put them in an envelope. 
The final product! Again, nothing but the basics. Shoebox storage and mini organizer tray I found around the house. There's even room for her to store her journal in the box too! Everything stays neat and tidy. If only MY craft supplies were this organized! 
She really loved her gift, and literally ran upstairs with it the minute she'd looked through everything. I can't wait to see what she comes up with! 

Hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Did you do anything exciting? Have you ever made a kit like this (or in general) for someone before? 


  1. You're such a great sister! That's an awesome idea... I can see Lili really loving something like that. [:

    1. Awww I bet she would! You should put one together for her!


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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