September 1, 2012

Dear September.

You're the end of summer, beginning of fall semester. Back to the books, notetaking, coffee shop study sessions (NERDALERT), and fingers that cramp from writing so much. Friends back in town from international adventures, friends moving closer and farther away. Fingers crossed for cooler weather, but then again this is Texas. More connection and courage and patience and soaking up knowledge wherever it's found; less stress, less stress, less stress. 

More hope. 
Digging deeper. 
Being raw and open and letting go. 

Let's do this, yeah? 

PS it's officially National Sewing Month my friends! I'm soso excited. My mood as of late has been yarn and needle and pedal and thread. I got the belt for my Minnesota A (which I've STILL yet to share pictures of, gahhh sorry) in the mail this week so I'm one MAJOR step closer to restoring that baby for use! My grandma is probably the only person as, if not MORE, excited than I am about it, haha. She's the best. 


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