August 14, 2012


The past few days have been a blur, and it won't be over til it's over, know what I mean? Things like no AC, cleaning up the Minnesota, and burning the midnight oil for this painting. My sister wanted me to paint something for her apartment when she moves back to South Carolina (aka Thursday) I've been escaping to my grandparents' for some cool air and space to work. It's kind of a rush job, but to be fair, it's a huge canvas and she didn't give me the supplies til Sunday, so...

Remember that saying, something about when your home/social life is terrible you know your work life is awesome? Well a) I don't buy into it but b) right now I'm feeling that both are kind of messy and unorganized. Things put on hold. Calls unreturned. Letters unwritten, deadlines fast approaching, and so on. 

I miss connection. Soon enough though. And sleep. More of that. 

But hey, tomorrow's Wednesday and that means a new Five Things list! Get ready lovelies, it's a good one! 

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You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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