August 15, 2012

Five Things I Need to Tell Five Different People.

1. I feel like I know you so well already, and I love you so much. When I see you, I will know it in my bones. Please hurry. 

2. It never should have been like that, and I'm so sorry. I was an embarrassment, and mostly I'm petrified about everything that happened. I'm glad you've forgiven me. I'm not sure I've forgiven myself yet. 

3. You're the most beautiful soul I've ever encountered, and you're so freaking talented. I don't tell you that enough. Don't tell you much of anything anymore. 

4. Imissyouwithmywholehearttheend. Where you stop, I begin, and so on. Why are you so far away? 

5. Are you looking at me? LOOK AT ME. You're worth it. You're worth fighting for. WE, THIS is worth fighting for. It's hard, it sucks, these days that drag like black holes, one vacuum into another. We are not this thing, this thing is not us, is not YOU. 

We deserve to be free. I love you to the bottom of my soul and back. Stay in my life forever. Your journey is an inspiration; through all of the highs and lows. We'll get there, and when we make it, this will all just be like a bad dream. I'm 
Ok guys, your turn! Use the banner above (be sure to mention/link up to this post) and make a Five Things list of your own using this week's topic! Leave a link to your FT post in the comments! I can't wait to check em out. Don't forget to pop on over to Cara's blog to see her list (AND enter her AMAZING GIVEAWAY)! Happy Wednesday friendlies!  


  1. I love this. I should do this. I have a lot of things I want to say to people without being like "hey! (NAME!) blah blah blah."

    Such a good prompt.

  2. I'm from Cara's blog.. and thought I would make my way around here!! I posted about "5 things" today... and absolutely loved it! Thanks for the awesome idea!! :)

    Happy writing!! :)

    1. Your post was amazing, girlfraaan. I loved it!


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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