July 27, 2012

Oooooh that redwhite&blue.

So, July is for defensive driving, apparently (read: The Boyfriend, my sister, and I are all taking it right now...bummer). The Boyfriend got these 3D glasses attached to a dd course card in the mail awhile back, and I've been using them as a filter for photos (for the record, none of us are taking this course. I was forewarned, haha). I haven't done a whole lot with them yet, but they've become part of my photography arsenal nonetheless. I tried using them with my last disposable camera, but I forgot to use the flash and the lighting wasn't too great sooooo that was a fail. They definitely work best with the dslr, and I shot through each colored lens respectively, then moved the glasses as fast as I could in front of the camera lens to see if I could get a continuous shot, hence some blurriness. Commence terrible segway into what I'm really trying to say here: OPENING CEREMONIES DAAAY! Yessss. Since the glasses are red, white, and blue I figured why not? I've been waiting for the right time to post and here it is. GO USA! And hey, London, your colors too. How appropriate.  
1/ 3D lace! Blurred but still fun
2/ the only continuous shot I've gotten so far 
3/ a little blurred but I love the subtle red creeping up the blue lace 
4/ red floral 
5/ blue floral 
PS these are completely unedited. I hope to experiment more with the dumb things, even if they are only two colors (: 

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