July 26, 2012


This week I’m giving into the Olympics craze (I love them, summer or winter I love them). Summer especially reminds me of that one time my freshman year of highschool when crosscountry was my end-all be-all and I swore that I’d be going off to some fancy college on scholarship and one day run in The Games. Hahaha. Hahahahaaaaaaaa. (If anyone from Dobie CC ‘05 is reading this, I hope you’re getting a good laugh). This was a serious moment that lasted maybe four months. Or something. Or at least until I broke my ankle and all hopes of any further athletic endeavors were dashed to smithereens (for the record, I’ve never known the exact definition of smithereens [pieces? ittybittybits?] but according to good ol’ Merriam Webster it’s this: fragments, bits; potentially of Irish origin, and first used in 1829. In case you were wondering). SO long ramble short, the Olympics are my favorite time of year, when I wax nostalgic about my “glory days”, bemoan “the incident”, and fantasize about “what could have been”.
Ok, not really. I don’t actually do any of that. But it IS true that I had long-distance running dreams for five seconds and I DID break my ankle and it DID ruin my athletic “career”, if you will. Since four years in public school sports denotes a career. Or something.

Anyway. I’m SUPERSTOKED for the games to start tomorrow and though this tribute is a little thin around the gills, it’s time for Bit&Pieces: London Olympics edition! (PS I could totally rename this segment Smithereens, since the definition is totally appropriate. Hmm).
1. This print has nothing to do with sports but it’s London and it’s beautiful. Hello, Big Ben. One day I will see you in real life and give you a great big hug from the States. Muah.
2. Um, I LOVE THIS OLYMPIC SPORTS BAG. I would carry it around on the reg and feel like a million bucks. Keep your Coach; I’ll take my “official Olympic sports bag from the 1960s…it’s a unique piece”. Thanks and thanks Braderie Vintage.
3. This Olympic rings necklace is really cute. I mean really cute. I got excited because I thought it was crocheted (read: “I CAN MAKE THAT!” -my brain) but there’s no mention of crochet of any sort in the description. Regardless, it’s an adorable piece of jewelry. And I could probably still totally make that.
4. Ok, this is some throwback (but I love me some vintage, y’all) and not at all British, but it’s near and dear to my heart nonetheless. These pins from the 1980 Moscow games make me happy because instead of Moscow they say Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia. Which was still a Soviet state at the time. And also where the Olympic sailing regatta was held that year. Go Estonia go! So I’m proud. And biased because it’s The Boyfriend’s motherland. Whatever. Plus I'm kind of a fan of the color blocking and geometric patterns?
5. Someone please tell me why this awesome skirt with a map of the London Tube isn't on my body right now. Because I can’t think of one good reason.
6. Oh, Banksy. Stop creating awesomeness because I’m still trying to decide which piece of art to tattoo on my body. Just stop it. But huzzah to that Olympic ode. Pole vaulters awaaay!
7. Yet another flashback from the 1980 Olympics...I just had to share this because it reminds me of the Russian version of Winnie the Pooh (Vinni Puh) that I've been watching with The Boyfriend a lot lately...haha. I love listening to the language. This is actually the first one I've seen with subtitles. 
8. This is probably my favorite moment in Olympic history, and I wasn't even there. You guys, Nadia was FOURTEEN. I think she's still my favorite gymnast, even though a) she's not American (USA first and foremost, but I have SUCH a thing for Romanians&Russians...it is what it is) and b) she retired around the time my mom graduated highschool aka I was definitely not at all alive during her career. But still. Plus her name is really beautiful. Comăneci. Ahhh!
I hope your Thursday is spectacular! Who’s excited for the opening ceremonies tomorrow?! If you are we’re probably best friends. What’re your favorite summer Olympic events?


  1. Love love love this post! Why? Well, I'll tell you:
    a) the Olympics. Hello.
    b) I could hear your voice in my head when I was reading it. I just miss you.
    c) bits and pieces is my favorite Thursday post!


  2. AWWJENNNNNN. Well I love your comment because I could hear your voice in my head when I was reading it! I always can. Maybe it's a roommate thing. Like a phantom limb (but not) since we're so far away. Phantom voice? Creepy. We're creepy. I love you.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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