July 20, 2012

No Country For Old Men.

"A man's at odds to know his mind cuz his mind is aught he has to know it with; he can know his heart, but he don't want to, rightly so. Best not to look in there- it ain't the heart of a creature that is bound in the way God has set for it." -Blood Meridian

This guy.

This guy right here. After reading All the Pretty Horses, I died. And then No Country for Old Men. The Road. Blood Meridian. I just....

THIS GUY RIGHT HERE. I'm no McCarthy expert (but I have a friend who's verifiably infatuated) and so my words fall so short of what could possibly be said about this man I do not know, except through his work. He stole my heart with his use of parataxis, and always will. I can't wait to see The Counselor next year, because I have no idea what a screenplay by him would even look like. Can't even fathom. If you've never read anything by this amazing author, get on it. Like yesterday. 

Oh Cormac McCarthy, oh you. Your brilliance will never cease to amaze. A happy birthday to you sir! A happy birthday indeed. 

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