July 21, 2012

Ladies and gents, a few days ago I was asked to shoot my cousin's wedding. Which is today. Needless to say I'm REALLY excited and RIDICULOUSLY outtamymind nervous. It's a casual ceremony, and my aunt and uncle trust my skills (apparently, haha) SO I'm gearin' up for the challenge. I mean, I'm no pro. But I'm also not a complete idiot. So fingers crossed? Again, Neil Gaiman, your words prove encouraging in the face of insecurity:  “Pretend you’re someone who can do it…and just behave like they would!”

Amen to that. 

Anyone have some fun stories about that one time they shot a wedding and it was awesome? Or awful? Or just plain hilarious? Because I'm sure I'll have plenty of my own gaffes and victories to share, ha. Happy weekend!

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