July 19, 2012

Bits & Pieces.

So I really don't have much of a post today...it's been a bummy week and a half health-wise, and I've spent the sick time reading and catchin up on New Girl and Downton Abbey. Maybe that's not an excuse, but posting took a backseat regardless. OH, but I did kind of get a wild hair on Saturday and was saved from going chopshopcrazy on my actual hairs by the emergency box of Revlon Burgundy stashed under my sink. You guys, I'm REALLY trying to grow it out. And it's.so.hard. While dying it maybe doesn't help that process, it did save me from having to start all over, so back to my beloved red I go for awhile (pardon all the metal in my face- this is a terrible picture to show off the hair but I just couldn't seem to get a good one to show the color. When I'm off this weekend I'll try for a better shot). ALSO it helped that the day I dyed said mop atop my head, I discovered that my hairs are long enough to put up all fancy-like! Pretty darn excited. One more reason to suck it up and stick with it. Mhmm. 
I do have a few things coming in the next week or so, but for now I leave you with this awesome NPR Tiny Desk session of Milk Carton Kids. I love the way these guys dance awkwardly while they play. 

PS also, be sure to check out my dear friend Cara's new layout! It's absolutely GORGEOUS. And I want to live in it. And I'm pretty sure if you read the comments on her most recent post I say basically the same thing. It's that much fun. 

PS AGAIN: I love comments, emails, all that jazz. Have any questions, suggestions, or anything in particular you'd like to see on the blog in the near future? Let me know at onetwothreepeaceful@gmail.com! I'd love to hear your thoughts and get some feedback!   


  1. HAHAHA I love you so much. Like, I might be obsessed with you. And addicted to you. Like a drug but healthier. Except not healthy at all because well, that's just what we are. Anyway, I want my nose pierced now. With a hoop. On the opposite side of my monroe. And you are SO gorgeous. Like, I love your freckles. And your red hair. Did you know you're one of my best friends? I love you so much. Also yes, you did comment and say you wanted to live in my new blog design. Which makes me so happy because I want to live there too.

    1. BAHAHAAAA OHCara. "Except not healthy at all because well, that's just what we are". YES! You are one of my absolute favorite people. Get your nose pierced right.now. sister!


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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