July 31, 2012

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This month has been a whirlwind of everything and nothing (vague, I know). I toted a Kodak disposable all month and finally got it developed, so here's a look back at some of the month's highs and lows, but mostly everything in between. 

July was...
-fireworks and seeing old friends. And cruising around in a convertible looking topless. That happens to me a lot, actually. Looking topless in photos, I mean. But a girl can't apologize for her love of strapless tops. It is what it is, friends. 

-florally things outside of my first job, where I used to take my smoke breaks. Haha. 

-making best friends with little kids at someone's family reunion. I got a bajillion pink marker tattoos from the sweetest kid I've ever met. I mean. He chatted me up about snakes and art while doodling on my arms. So, you know. I dropped some of my sage wisdom: "Never stop drawing, kid. Always follow your dreams". Ok, kidding. But I said thank you and loved every single second of my new ink. 

-lots and lots and LOTS of rain. And mushrooms in my neighbor's yard. 

-first paint date with The Boyfriend! More to come, whether he likes it or not (; 

-SOME sunshine, finally = 1000degree weather, but I'm ok with that. 

-hanging out with and then saying goodbye to one of my bffs before he went gallivanting off to Germany. The NERVE of some people. Kidding. Also, this is kind of one of my favorite photos, ever. We're probably contemplating really deep intellectual things. 

-DYING over the new H&M in our mall. I haven't set foot in a mall in years, unless I was working there. Again, years. But then this happened and well...this happened. And I stood a fool in the center of the choas with my instax camera like it wasn't no thaaaang. Because people take photos of store logos with spaceage looking cameras at the mall all the time. Whatever.  

-reconnecting with long lost friends! That's what happens when you save people's numbers under things like Jerry Lee Lewis. I mean, what?!

It was also...
-the first time I photographed a Major Event, aka someone's wedding. And I was completely and utterly unqualified to do so, but they loved it, and I lived to tell the tale. 

-art journaling. A LOT. And being clever. Or something. I've done a lot with paper  and related ephemera this summer. I hope that doesn't end any time soon. 

-reading. Lots of reading. PS Taryn Simon's most recent art installation is out in book form now. Someone be beautiful and buy me a copy. 

-lots of stomach troubles. Far too many. LAMESAUCE. 

-taking tons of photos! Totally fulfilling my June Summer goals list right now.

-watching lots of things: Wanderlust, Shame, Friends with Kids, getting caught up on all my 'shows' (because I have those apparently?) New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, NEW SEASON OF BURN NOTICE. Re-runs of Are You Being Served? (aka ALL TIME HEART OF MY HEART). And also Downton Abbey, which is my new fav, maybe. 

-lots of music: live, discovering new, and listening to old loves. My heart is happyhappyhappy.

I hope your July was amazing. Tell me all about your adventures. All of them. I WANNA KNOW, DARLINGS!  

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