July 12, 2012

Bits & Pieces.

1. Completely in love with this catherine’s wheel stitch crochet blanket by Lindsi of Peoplewebs. Probably repeating myself here, but the very first legit crochet project I ever completed was an infinity scarf using her catherine’s wheel stitch tutorial…and it’s still my favorite scarf, and my favorite pattern to use even though I haven’t seriously picked up my hooks in awhile. All this rainy weather is making me eat books and crochetcrazy, I’m tellin ya!

2. Vanilla & Lace released her new line of baby girls’ clothing this Monday and I couldn’t be more excited! I have a few friends with buns in the oven (all sweet baby girls, too!) so I can’t WAIT to start buying up some of these adorable dresses. Seriously. Pick your style, color, size, and boom. Kind of like the apparel she makes for not-so-littles like us! PS daughters who match their mamas are the cutest.  
3. Kara of I Just Might Explode (creator of the art journaling class I’m taking) introduced a NEW art journal class called Play That Song (for sale until the end of July). I think the picture says it all. For music lovers?! Please. I’m in. PS her other online shop, Stuff Kara Made, is closing aka everything is on major sale. Czech it out! 
4. This recipe for rice and sesame pancakes is makin me hungry, y’all!

5. I was completely blown away by this particular This American Life broadcast, especially part two. Kind of killed me and raised so many questions about the future of journalism (which has basically been in question since we entered the digital age)…and also very skeptical of my own city’s paper, since they’re mentioned first in the story. Ugh.
6. These guys are trying to raise money for their upcoming album and I seriously recommend checking them out. They were touring with my favorite band in 2010 and I was completely blown away by their incredible melodies and dynamic stage presence. I got to meet each one of them; they’re some of the most humble, hilarious guys ever, AND they make good music. So ya know, if you like whatcha hear and can spare a buck or two, help the gents of The Gallery out!

7. I live by to-do lists. Can’t stop won’t stop. But my lists are a sad comparison to Thomas Edison’s, circa 1888. Talk about lofty goals. I mean. I’m lucky if I remember to get to the bank before it closes.

Ohhh you guys it’s Thursday and I’m SO ready for a weekend. Who isn't, right? It’s been raining for what feels like years and that means mosquitoes and I’m kind of  losing it. It’s JULY and girl needs her sunshine, asap! But I guess it’s better than last summer’s skin-searing drought and water rationing. I guess. What’re you loving this week?

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  1. Those little girl dresses are sooooo adorable!!! And PS- I'm totally taking that class from Kara too! :)) Gotta reg & pay tomorrow!


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