May 7, 2012


This weekend was a crazy mess of reunions, accomplishments, and catching up on life. Saturday morning was Sageglen’s annual neighborhood garage sale (!!!) and even though there were a lot less sales than usual, my sister, grandma and I had a lot of fun walking around and browsing. I spent a total of $4 on a collection of vintage children’s books and two vintage children’s encyclopedias. The topics and illustrations were just too cute to pass up! I also found a copy of Mere Christianity, which was AWESOME because I’d literally been thinking of re-reading it the day before but couldn’t find my copy. Coincidence? I think not!
"All over the world, people have learned to use art & music & writing to show some of the things they feel." Love it!

Aren't these illustrations ADORABLE?! And the message rings true well beyond elementary school. 
My sister flew into town that night so everyone was busy cooking, cleaning, (I baked!) and running errands before going to the airport. It’s great to have her back for the summer; plotting lots of sibling dates already (:
During my Sunday morning blog browse I stumbled upon this incredible craft idea: make your own baker’s twine! Maybe it’s not as fancy as the store-bought variety, but I’ve recently come into about forty skeins/rolls (?) of crochet thread, twelve of which are white. And while I’m super excited to have such a bountiful supply at my disposal, I’m rubbish at crocheting lace sooo I’m trying to come up with other creative ways to use it. And Laura Beth’s DIY was definitely a start! It was the perfect project because I had a few empty wooden spools from a previous antique run just laying around, and now I have some fun homemade baker’s twine to fancy up gifts and art projects!
The Boyfriend even scored big this weekend: he found a Datsun engine on Craigslist that he’s pretty stoked about and I'm so proud for him! Those spare parts are going to make the restore a whole lot easier. Overall I’d say it was a pretty great few days (:

What kindsa trouble did you get into this weekend? Good luck to anyone who still has finals this week, and congratulations to those of you graduating! 


  1. Mere Christianity! Have you read The Great Divorce? One of my all-time favorites of CS Lewis's. Also, Out of the Silent Planet. SO GOOD. xoxo

    1. Ahhh no I haven't! I've read The Screwtape Letters and some of CS Lewis' poetry, but my goal is to read more of his work in the next few months. Thanks for the recommendations! I've heard great things about The Great Divorce so it sounds like that's next on my list (:

  2. That DIY bakers twine is so easy! I was expecting some crazy dye tut but no. Easy peasy! My dad gave me a bunch of white boring twine and it's probably for some construction project but I'll never do any sort of manual labor, let's be honest, and I'll never use it as white string, so I have to color it myself! Genius!

    Ps. I'm following your blog via blog lovin!! So glad that you found me =]

    1. Right?! I was so excited when I found it because ok, I love baker's twine, but I'm a broke college kid. With WAAAAY too much plain ol string on my hands. And the simplicity of the whole thing is AWESOME. Seriously took like ten minutes. I'm glad you get to prettify your twine now too! And hey I'm following you too! How cool are we (:


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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