March 28, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to the art festival...

My Sunday was supposed to look like this:
  • Finish a painting for a client
  • Prep everything for Monday’s DIY post
  • Go to the Bayou City Art Festival
What actually happened:
  • Finished painting for client
  • Headed to the BCAF with The Boyfriend
  • Ended up at a rally downtown? ...this is not Memorial Park?
  • Snuck into a golf course clubhouse to pee
  • Found the festival, but nowhere to park, one hour from close time = fail.
  • Official blog worknight at The Boyfriend’s kitchen table with Bon Iver on loop = success.

Soooo yeah. Pretty bummed about missing the fest, but there’s another one coming up in the fall. The Boyfriend and I got to wander around town (albeit confused) in the gorgeous weather, but I’m sad I didn’t get any fun “What’s going on? Where’s the fest?” photos of us. Oh well! Saturday I filed my taxes (finally) and spent three hours at the antique mall by my office, after swearing up and down I’d be there no more than an hour…this weekend was definitely a reminder that there’s life outside the to-do list, something I very frequently lose sight of. 

Antique finds, 3 hours & $5 later
I can't believe it's already Wednesday! PS (I know I say this every week but...) seriously czech out Christine's newest Tunes-day post... I lived off of her music recommendations when we had an apartment together and even now that there are 200 miles between us, I still do. This girl knows things.

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  1. i'm in love with the photos you've been posting and the way you've been editing them. they always look so fresh.

    let's go thrifting together. <3


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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