May 17, 2012

Bits & Pieces.

1. This lovely recipe for rhubarb and rosewater syrup from 101 Cookbooks. Can't wait to try some over Greek yogurt!
2. This journal made from stone, and these pencils made from recycled paper. Does it GET more eco-friendly than that? And so affordable too! Dear Write With Moxie, I love you.

3. RIDICULOUSLY inspired as of late by the lovely Danni of Oh Hello Friend and her beautiful books of notes. I made one for The Boyfriend a few days ago and PS if notes of encouragement are your thing, definitely check out her blog and shop. I stumbled upon her blog not too long ago, and it’s absolutely adorable; so full of creative inspiration! I always feel so happy after reading one of her posts (:

4. This crazysimple, all natural honey facewash idea from Christine Cote. Love this DIY, love this lady! 
5. This fun video of DesignLoveFest's Anthropologie event has me scrambling for glitter and craft supplies! Pretty sure I'm going to watch this every time I feel uninspired. Who's with me?!
6. These dipped florals by Sania Pell, featured in Anthology Magazine! I love the neon accent.

7. These beautifully decorated Ukrainian egg cookies from Brett Bara of Manhattan Craft Room.

8. Jack Kerouac's List of 30 of Beliefs & Techniques for Prose & Life...oh my heart.

9. This post (appropriately titled So Cute it Hurts Me) by the sweet Larissa of Lalalovely about letters from her Ethiopian 'kids' made my heart smile SO. WIDE...and I kind of teared up a bit. There. Said it. Little kids are too cute/imissafrica.
10. This really interesting article about internal time/the science of sleep. If you're a late sleeper (I'm not, but anyway) you can shove this in the face of anyone who's ever called you lazy! ...maybe. Haha.

11. Edited to add: this cool graphic by Jared Fanning that shows the top 10 most-read books in the world over the past 50 years. Read more about it here.
Happy Thursday lovelies!


  1. Stone journal?! Interesting!

    Thank you so much for featuring my little post! You're sweet! Also IMISSAFRICATOO.

    1. Right? I had no idea stones could be made into paper, but anyway. And you're totally welcome! I love to support my favorite bloggerladies (: LET'SGOBACKASAP.

  2. This is an amazing post!

    Mind checking out my blog?
    I'd love a follow!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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