April 11, 2012


I was getting ready for work this morning trying on cardigan after cardigan to go with this outfit, aaaaaand...
It hit me! Polka dots on polka dots?! Yes I doooooooo! I love the way the black/white dots of the cardigan contrast the black/yellow of the tank. Wait...am I going for a double faux pas here? Is black and yellow a no-go? Maybe not...Wiz Khalifa doesn't seem to think so, ha. PS this outfit totally reminded me of miss Kara Haupt's late great fashion faux pas series! Those were so awesome. 
top/cardigan/shoes/necklaces - thrifted, skirt - target, elephant charm - from my trip to Ethiopia, headband - made by me
What I take from today: I've always loved clashing prints, but I'm going to work on more 'dramatic' print mis-matching in the future. It's way too much fun! Also, I'm dyyying for a pair of wedges. I've wanted a pair for years and never got around to buying them (so lazy about shoe shopping). So. They're now at the top of the buy list...ahem. 

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