February 27, 2012

Z Start.

...get it? Because it's a Z car? A Datsun 240Z? Haha...ok. 

I love roadtrips. There’s nothing more exciting than piling into a car with friends (or family?) with nothing but the open road before you and hours of incredible music to jam. My earliest memories include long summer drives (and lots of car sickness, gross) to Florida to visit my crazy Cuban family, but my weak stomach never detracted from my appetite for endless miles of highway and countryside. Car games were entertaining, sure, but stopping for gas was my favorite. I’d hop out, streeeeetch, and explore the foreign surroundings. In more recent years, it seems like no matter who’s driving (ok, mainly when I’M at the wheel) a wrong turn is inevitable. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of turning around and beginning again; other times it’s a complete GPS nightmare requiring the back-to-basics approach: a local map and asking for directions.

Thing is, I have a hard time asking for help (anyone else out there? anyone? Bueller?). I’m also really great at making excuses, and it’s wearing me out. So, I’m done! As a veritable new kid on the blog scene, I want to set my intentions up front. Over the past few years I’ve had the distinct pleasure of reading many, many blogs by lovely ladies for whom I have nothing but the utmost respect. I’ve been continuously challenged and inspired by the creativity, endurance, and small successes I’ve witnessed from these beautiful souls as well as the incredible people in my everyday life.

That said, I’m ready to start a journey of my own. It’s time to turn ideas into action: this blog is one of many personal projects that I’ve put off for years and am FINALLY embracing! It’s an attempt to hold myself accountable as well as an exercise in learning to live and love more fully. In essence, it’s one great big roadtrip. I don’t really know where I’m heading (or what I’m doing? Ohhh technology…haha), but I’m excited for the adventures, the pit stops and roadblocks, the things that I’ll see, and the people I’ll meet along the way. There will be good days and bad days, bursts of joy and many tears, crafty things and so much music!

And hey, the tank is full, the engine’s running, and I’m ready to go. My hope is that you’ll come along for the ride. 

top - f21 clearance, leggings - thrifted, heels - gift, necklace - thrifted, headband - handmade, sunglasses - thrifted 

1 comment:

  1. oh my friend I'm so excited about this.
    the pictures are beautiful, especially the second photo; the profile shot.

    love you.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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