February 28, 2012


Originally, I’d planned on starting up the ol’ blog a few weeks ago…needless to say, after much creative brainstorming, planning, and snapping, that didn’t happen. I now have a file full of February photos (say THAT five times fast!) begging to be shared. I’m still figuring out this blog situation and working out kinks in the layout, but I thought I’d give you a peak at what I’ve been up to lately. Enjoy!

Obsessed with Muddy Waters & BB King!

Valentine's surprise

Liner made from thrifted fabric for my yarn crate
My mom is so sweet!

Also, I made a short video of the extra photos from the Datsun shoot. Something I completely failed to include in my last post (so rude actually) is that this is definitely not my car (but a girl can dream, right?). The Boyfriend is in the process of restoring this beauty to its former glory, and he was sweet enough to let me use it for blog silliness. It was his idea, actually, and the result was exactly what I was looking for! He took the photos as well. What a sweetheart (:

I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday! 

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