April 7, 2013

Dear April.

We had a rough introduction. Hopefully there's no bad blood between us, but I can't be so sure. I'm waving goodbye to March with a full heart; so much love passed my way, I have no words. Learning invaluable lessons from unexpected sources, learning more about myself, learning the difference between enjoying the time spent and sticking around a little too long for things of no consequence. Either way, I'm eternally grateful for the experiences, because now they're part of The Story.

March was suffering and trying to find that ever elusive hope, but surrounding myself with people who hope with me and for me. People who shine that light when things be dimmer'n a candle burned down to the wick. My People. Looking forward to soaking up and giving back and loving each and every blessed one of Them. Because They're finally here, slowly trickling into my life when I need them most. 

So hey April, you're almostsummer. Let's get crazyyyy. 

(also getting my hands dirty again; I've forgotten what creating can do for a weary soul)


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