January 10, 2013

10 Good Things

Soooooo yesterday was definitely Richard Nixon's 100th birthday. Long ramble short, there was a post scheduled, and it got deleted, and I rewrote it today...and left it on my flashdrive at work...FAIL. So expect a silly post about my undying love for the Nixon administration not really sometime tomorrow. 

In other news, I'm totally stealing Martha Stewart's tagline because HELLO good things? Everyone loves good things. And ten's a good, solid number, and it's never a bad time to give thanks. 

10 Good Things in 2013 (so far)

1. Celebrating my sister's birthday before she had to fly back to school
2. Meeting new friends in unexpected places
3. Reconnecting with people I've missed
4. Surprise phone upgrade...PS smart phones make me feel like an idiot
5. A day of sunshine after a string of cold/gloomy/rainy days
6. Bad stomach days, because they make the good ones that much more awesome
7. Photos to remember the things my brain tends to forget 
8. Strong people that prove to me every day that things are never as bad as they seem
9. Growing pains, because they create opportunity for learning 
10. This song
Free My Mind by Katie Herzig on Grooveshark



  1. I want a picture of us together. Need one. To frame it. xo

    1. That definitely needs to happen asap.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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