December 2, 2012

Renegade Roundup: Holiday Edition / 3

Last batch of Renegade Best Of! This was near the end of the fair so I was scrambling for photos because I couldn't stand to leave without sharing these amazing artists with you. My mind was blown and my heart was totally stolen (as usual). See parts I and II here. 
I loved the whimsy, color, and variety offered by Adrienne Vita, creator of Arcane Arts. The pictures don't do justice to her work but I was absolutely stunned. The prints and pillows were definitely my favorite. The textures of each stood out beautifully and you couldn't help but sit and stare, following every intricate detail. To shop any of these amazing items and much more, head on over to her shop, and check out her blog for upcoming events! 
What can I even say? The prints, shirts, and general design of Squid Art Kollective are Lots of color, lots of eccentricity. Lots of LOVE in my heart when I found the booth. Check out more of their fantastic work here as well as their shop
Saving the best for last! I could NOT get enough of Francesca Berrini's idiosyncratic designs. I wandered around her booth for quite a bit; there were so many unique prints and cards to take in! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get many pictures, but you'll just have to check out her shop and see for yourself! I bought a few greeting cards and postcards because they were so much fun and so out there. Amazing. I'll probably be framing them. See more of her work here!
That's it for Renegade Holiday 2012 guys! I've said it before but I'll say it again; I absolutely had a blast and can't wait til the next one! Funny story (this goes to show how slightly behind I am on blogging BUT) I actually ventured out to Austin again this weekend to support a local Houston band and yet again, total blast. I miss living there. Stories and photos and crafty things coming soon! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!


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