August 2, 2012

Bits & Pieces: Minty Vintage & General Etc Edition.

1. This dress is my dream closet. Give me one in every color and print and I'll be happy. That's it. That's all.
2. This photo is my dream house. Let me live in a late '40s beach scene and I will die a happy woman.
3. This spool ring is my dream engagment... I'm kidding. But I'm pretty sure this list is proving my grandma status (pride) and my love for vintage everything. Especially in mint green. I don't care if it's overused or last year's color or whathaveyou; hate all you want, granny-stylin til I DIE.
4. This phone goes in my dream house (see no. 2). I'm not COMPLETELY impracticle.
5. Along with this cake stand (with cake, duh) / 6. And this chair. You thought I was kidding.  
7. And every girl needs her beauty sleep right? So of course, this minty vintage nightgown comes too.
 8. But of course everyone needs a mantra, and I think this one by Shaun Lynch is a good one.
9. And photos. Everyone likes a good photo. Good thing The Plaid Barn is hosting an Instax 7s mini kit giveaway! Camera and film, friends. You have seven more days to enter! PS polaroids are kind of vintage, even if these are new/business card sized. Totally counts.
10. And maybe turn those photos (ok no, you can't do this with polaroids) into fancyshmance glowing lanterns while you're at it! DIY courtesy of Photojojo. You're welcome.
11. Or if you're getting sew crazy, make a cute apron with this vintage pattern. / 12. Or follow this super simple peplum top DIY courtesy of Blooming Leopold. That too.
13. And um, reading while sunbathing is a must. Everybody knows. My vote goes to this article about the creative history/genius behind the lauded denim line Imogene + Willie. Hint: It's Carrie Eddmenson, and I respect her with my whole heart. Girl's got it. 
14. Look, I don't know how you expect to watch a video on the beach in the '40s, but lucky you only has to hit that play button. I've watched this video one too many times now (I mean really) but the aesthetics are so beautiful. I love hearing about artists' creative processes (in this case, Kaki Foley), or how they came about a project, or what they draw from. Or, you know, about other people's art in general. Because it's fascinating and brilliant and this one is for Anthropologie so you know I'm there.
What're you loving this week? 

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