July 1, 2012

Dear July.

Hey you. It's been a year since I've seen you last...we need to keep in touch more. But anyway. June was kind of rude to me (you might need to have a talk with him). There were some nice bits though; lovely exciting things that made my heart so happy I died...it started with a bang and ended with one. It's all the in-between that's blurred. Too much moving. Too much doing to stay focused. The in-between was what kind of hurt my heart a little bit, hurt my head.

But JULYJULYJULY guess what?! I think you and I are going to be best friends*. I really do**.
*Even though I'm eaten to pieces by mosquitoes! But that's not your fault, ha.   
**As long as you bring back the sunshine. Girl needs some tan lines, asap. 


  1. Hi beautiful friend! You totally used your new tablet on the beginning photo. I LOVE IT!!! YAY! So perfect. Also, the bridal shower you threw, holy bonanza SO incredibly creative and gorgeous. xoxo

  2. Hahaaa I did, I did! Still super amateur with it...I need to practice more. But I'm glad you like it! PS THANK YOU for your beautiful words about the shower, it was a blast. I'm ready to plan another one! Not for myself though, yikes.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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