July 5, 2012

Bits & Pieces.

1. Guess who's crushin on this sofa BIG TIME?! Ahhh. I've already decorated an entire room in my head based around this beauty by Name Design Studio. Curse my baby bank account!
 2. Ummm temporary tattoos skin accessories you can design, or vote on other people's work so it gets exposure?! Thank you, Dottinghill Tattoos. You're the best. 
3. Best apartment-friendly wall art DIY I've seen yet. Hello beautiful rainbow of paint swatches! Be awesome and hilarious like these ladies and make your own. The pictures of them putting it together just cracked me up!
4. Kind of loving Ben Ritter's photoshoot of  infamous literary degenerates (L: The Great Gatsby's Jay Gatsby, R: Michael Pemulis of Infinite Jest) entitled Phonies, taken for Vice. 
5. Isn't this the coolest mini stamp DIY idea you've ever seen?! I probably blushed for a second, or something. SO ADORABLE. 
6. I really can't stand the word dreamy, have probably never actually used it in a spoken sentence, but I've been (cringe-worthily) guilty of it on this blog, somewhere I'm sure. And now, one more place to catch it: can't seem to describe this photo as anything BUT dreamy. Note to self: someone needs to stop talking about beach trips, and actually get her butt OUT THERE. 
7. This shirt kind of captured my heart, and I don't know why. Probably because I've been listening to King Charles on repeat for dayyyyys! Which really doesn't even make sense, because the shirt is like ode to Russia, and KC is...well...not Russian.at.all. WHATEVER (:

8. For some people, all it takes is a photo or a random smell to bring on a whirlwind of nostalgia. What if you could combine the two for the ultimate takes-me-back experience?! Oh. YOU CAN. Learn how to add scent to your photos, or let the lovely folks at Homewood Press do it for you, scratch-n-sniff style! (Am I the only one just WAY TOO EXCITED about this?!)

9. Turn empty film canisters into classy invites! Photojojo is just the greatest. Sign up for their newsletter and be happy about your life. 

Hooray for Thursday loves! I hope you had a great time celebrating America yesterday, no fingers blown off by fireworks or anything. On my way home last night I passed the park near my house and a trashcan was on fire. That's probably why selling/buying fireworks is banned in my neighborhood. Lame. But parties were poppin' em til early in the AM, so obviously no one's really enforcing it. Happyalmostfriday! 

PS a few of my art journal pages were featured in Kara's Summer of Love Student Projects post today! Go check it out, and find the Pinterest link to see the AMAZING work of my fellow classmates! 


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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