June 15, 2012


It’s been an interesting week.

This is really late, but last Friday The Boyfriend and The Best Friend and I went to Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar to see our friends Handsome Ransom play a show! On our way in I grabbed a stack of Houston Presses and lo and behold, I got the photo credit for the Rum & Vodka review! Totally had me seeing stars. Well, actually there were neon/glow-in-the-dark stars on the bar walls, so…
The crowd was pretty thin (sadly) but the set was great, and you could tell the audience was having a good time. I’m no good at taking photos in the dark (I always mess up the settings), and especially not when Dan himself is spinning plates with drops of food coloring (?) to create this ongoing psychedelic stage background from an overhead projector in the corner. I mean.

But it’s not his fault; the background was supercool and I don’t know. The whole place reminded me of a cozier, groovier Fitzgerald’s. The kind of place to wear silver hotpants and a bright pink boa (I was expecting Freddie Mercury in platforms any second). And only serves beer and wine (which, in a past life I would’ve loved, but stomach diagnoses being what they are…where my liquor at?!) Kidding. But seriously. Liquor is BYOB, and now I know.

We got to hang out with Trey (he’s the frontman/you might remember him from the Record Store Day series) for a bit so that was good; nice catching up.

Also, here’s what I’ve been up to lately-ish, with other projects in progress. 
1-2 Planning my cousin's bridal shower with my sister and grandma / 3 Made a journal for a dear friend / 4-6 Birthday book for a lovely lady

Also, The Boyfriend and I saw Prometheus at the newish Sundance theater downtown Wednesday night...I tweeted and statused this but it wrecked. My. Brain. Loved it. I mean, all you have to say is "Michael Fassbender" and I'm there, but maaan it was more awesome than expected. Great Father's Day outing idea? 

Have a great weekend lovebirds! It's going to be a busy one.


  1. That birthday book is awesome! You're so creative, i love it!

    1. Aw thanks girl! It was a lot of fun to make.


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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