June 14, 2012

Bits & Pieces.

1. Let's talk about how much I LOVE MARC JACOBS. Ok, let's don't. That's a post for another time, but anyway. These are just a few shots from his Resort 2013 collection...do I need to explain myself?! Maybe I do. The color, prints, textures...yes and yes and yes and yes I do. I'm actually a little surprised at how tame this line is (but I would handsdown wear any of it, any given day!). His flair for crazy is why he's my favorite designer in the biz. Well, aside from Proenza Schouler, but they're a duo...
2. These prints from Handz are so much fun, haha. It was so hard choosing which to share because they're all pretty great. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
3. Real talk: I spent most of this week away from my computer and the very small amount of time I was on was spent going through the Resort 2013 collections on Vogue's website. I didn't go through ALL of them, just a few...but yeah. These were my favorites from Stella McCartney. Her designs usually strike a fun chord with me. Usually. 
4. I'd never seen anything like this before; but THANK YOU 101 Cookbooks for taking me there! Unfortunately, this recipe for Nettle Pasta contains a lot of dietary no-gos for me, but I just might be able to save it with substitutions! -fingers crossed- because it looks so delicious!
5. More Resort 2013 looks from Chloe. I love the laidback, draping fabrics, plus the photo shoot is absolutely beautiful. Simple and effective. 
6. This Woody and Me zine by Evey in Orbit is so so so great on so so so many levels. The concept was what sold it for me. I'm a hopeless fan of Woody Allen's work and when she said a second one featuring William S. Burroughs is in the works...I about DIED is what I did. So you know. Girl after my own heart. 

7. Speaking of zines, the lovely Kara of I Just Might Explode fame shared her school project zine yesterday and I loved it! Zines are one of those things, like blogging or working at a tattoo shop that I've always wanted to do but (for whatever reason) have never done. My friend and I TALKED about it a lot, starting one together, but that never happened. Hmmm...new personal project for 2012?! Any of you want to team up and get all cut-and-pasty with me? 

8. I don't watch TV. Any shows I watch are Hulu'd (that looks so weird?) or watched online in general, when I have the time. Which is usually never. That being said, I'm so far removed from HBO it's ridiculous (rather, HAVE been since the end of True Blood season one...cringe). SO WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME HEMMINGWAY & GELLHORN WAS A THING?! ...Vogue told me so. Like, yesterday. And I'm not about to turn into that girl who gets all her 'news+culture' from (arguably one of the best) fashion magazines. So sad day, because I'm pumped for this movie that already premiered. Whoops. 

9. I DIED over these Writing Maladies by Nathan Bransford. His site is just superuseful in general if you're looking to better your writing, submit work, self-publish, or find an agent to publish through a company. The site is the most thorough, basic writer's guide to Getting Things Done that I've ever seen. And I'm in love. 

10. Writing Maladies II, haha. 

I hope you're having a great Thursday! Things have been are crazytown around here right now, but I'm hoping to get back on a more 'regular' blogging schedule soon, and introduce some fun new features! Hopefully, ha. 

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