May 2, 2012

Mail surprises.

The lovely Zoe of Ladybird Likes was having a sale in her etsy shop last week and I just couldn't resist. My overseas order came in today and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to style the necklace and bonus butterfly brooch! So beautiful (:
See that vintage Butterick pattern card up there? Yeah. That's her business card. Freakin adorable, right? Be sure to follow her on twitter for future sale updates...there was mention of a flash sale coming VERY soon....definitely keepin my ear to the ground (or eyes on my twitter feed? Whatever)! 
Maybe it's not an exact portrait, but the necklace reminds me of my not-so-little sweetheart (he's pretty heavy for a dachshund)! So precious. I'm not really an animal person but this guy has my heart forever (:


  1. It's all so cute!! I adore that kind of vintage look! Lovely.


    1. Ahhh I know! And her shop is full of cute vintagey things!


You're so sweet (: Thanks friend!


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