April 5, 2012

Making Faces.

PS the secret project is officially complete! One more teaser photo before tomorrow's big reveal (:

I have an errand face.

It’s this blank stare I get while shopping, walking down a hall, shoving through a crowd at a concert when I’m alone. It used to be a subconscious thing, some sort of camouflage to blend in with my surroundings. A survival mechanism to 'mask' my awkwardness. I’m just this girl going about my business, don’t mind me.

There came a point when I could physically feel my face go flat, and I’d try not to stare aimlessly too much. I don’t wanna give off this rude vibe, so I worked on it. Smiled at people if they caught my eye, the whole deal.

Well, tonight I totally got called out on the errand face. I was walking out of Walmart with my bags, almost to the door and I heard someone yell in this big booming voice, “SMILE!!!” …umwhat? I half turned, smiled wide, cracking up as I did. Some guy with his wife smiled back at me with an expression of “Oh c’mon now!” as they took their cart and headed inside. It just got me thinking about the message I’m sending as I go about my day. I don’t want people yelling at me to smile all the time! The world has enough negativity floating around without me adding to it, unintentional as it may be.

Next time you’re out and about, think about the vibes you’re giving off. I’m not saying fake who you are for the benefit of others, because that doesn’t do anyone any good. I’m saying be yourself. I want to be the kind of person I’d like to meet; friendly and approachable. Not having to be told to smile by a total stranger because I look so depressed when actually, I’m the farthest thing from, haha.

On that note, I hope you’re having a good night! The other half of my brain will be in town tomorrow and I just can't wait! 

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