March 29, 2012

This, that, & the other.

A bit of inspiration for your Thursday!

1/Cover  /Plate 72: Muscinae  /Plate 83: Lichen
These are some of my favorite sketches by Germany’s throwback jack-of-all-trades Ernst Haeckel (read: biologist, professor, artist, physician, naturalist, philosopher…I mean COME ON. Words like ecology and phylum? Yeah. His idea). They come from a book of his artwork called Kunstformen dur Natur (“Art Forms of Nature”) published in the early 1900s. I have a file of these images on my desktop that I click through when I’m short on inspiration. So much color, shape, and texture to get your brain buzzin! You can download the book in PDF form here

2/Avenue Journal Spring/Summer 2011
This article by Tom Greenwood from Avenue JournalBeautiful thoughts about technology’s effect on photography, and general nostalgia. Realtalk. (It's hard to read in the photo but flip through here and you'll find it. It's at the end).   

This issue of Dapper Dan Magazine; I kind of died. I mean, serious jskaontheground. I cannot get over the layout, design, photography, balance of black and white…the CRISPNESS of the whole thing. So minimalistic and CLEAN, I love it! I was even MORE impressed when I started reading about the magazine, whose self-proclaimed aim is to inspire rather than follow trends. Their creative execution communicates just that, in my opinion. Even more thrilling, however, was the magazine’s manifesto. Because even though it’s for the guys (this is, after all, a men’s publication), it rings true for anyone with lungs that breathe and a heart that beats. As in, those words are going on my wall asap.
The magazine is based in Greece and publishes bi-annually. You can find all of their issues, current and previous, on their website

This entiiiiiire album by Frightened Rabbit, but ESPECIALLY the first track. I mean, super hung up on funny because I used to skip that song. Always. So why the sudden obsession? I've been cleaning out my iTunes and rediscovering old loves in the process. One of my FAVORITE things about music is its power to speak truth into your soul, and how that truth changes over time. Songs that moved you then suddenly have deeper meaning, or none at all, years later. Songs you once hated become words to live by...but  that's a conversation for another time (:

Spring color palettes! I'm pretty excited because pastels, especially shades of peach and mint, have been on my love list for awhile now, and seeing some of the spring collections  has given me a few sewing project ideas! This is from Nylon's March issue, which has been sitting with its sisters (Elle, Bazaar, Vogue...etc) in a pile on my floor since the beginning of the month...derp. Better late than never, yeah? 

I hope you're having a lovely Thursday! This Houston heat has got me running around in shorts and sundresses...WITHOUT a cardigan. What?! Is this real life? I'm so psyched. 

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